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Paging Rosie: 14 Is the Magic Number

I always tell my clients to give themselves two weeks, or 14 days, post-delivery before they should expect the cloud to lift. I am trying to take some of my own advice (although you can guess I am not exactly good at that considering my schedule includes designing a whole collection before day 10!).

I strongly believe clients should wait 14 days before they make any drastic decisions, resolutions or really do anything at all except take care of their baby and themselves. There are many books written about the lead-up to pregnancy but little written about the two weeks that follow (probably because nobody would want to read it!). But the truth is, someone needs to tell you that no matter how utterly in love you are with your babaganoush, it is going to take at least that long before you are going to feel an iota of normal.

So next time you visit a friend who has just had a baby or indeed have one yourself, please, please make sure you tell them to hang on for 14 days and everything will seem so much more manageable. Your lady town will be on the road to mending (unimaginable but it actually will happen), you’ll be used to the sleepless nights, diaper changing will be a doddle, your Pamela Anderson boobs will either be in breastfeeding rhythm or starting to understand you aren’t actually going to be breastfeeding, you might have had a shower or two and even discovered that you can see your toes again as your belly goes down.

Oh and maybe, just maybe, on the 14th day you won’t burst into tears at the drop of a hat and actually might put on some trousers other than your baggiest of sweats…..but don’t count on this last point. Not to worry, though, as I am planning on bringing sweats back in style with vengeance! After all, if Victoria’s Secret can make them sexy, I can make them stylish.

14 days, my lovelies, and you’ll start to be you again, just a much better you because you are a mum.

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  1. Love this post – and I couldn’t agree more! I’ve got a 10 month old and those first two weeks were nonstop “Crazy Town” as you would say- but after that I was much more level headed and able to see this clearly., not emotionally. I think you are adorable and really enjoy your show! This is my first time navigating your website, do you have recipes for toddlers anywhere? We are just getting away from jarred foods and I’m looking for new ideas for my Benny. His typical dinner is chicken and broccoli – which he loves, I just want to try new things and I’m apprehensive as to what to feed him. We’ve also tried spaghetti and meatballs – which he loves – but it must give him an upset stomach, he wakes up screaming whenever he has red sauce. Thanks!

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