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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

Mommy Maven Bentley Waters Takes the Perfect Newborn Photo

Since most of us aren't professional photographers, taking the perfect photo can be the first challenge to creating a cute birth announcement.  I've asked my favorite photographer, Bentley Waters, to share her tips on taking the perfect newborn photograph.

Bentley Waters Newborn Photo 8

Paging Dr. Cheryl Wu, MD: Should I Space Out My Child's Vaccines?

I asked Dr. Cheryl Wu, MD, of LaGuardia Place Pediatrics in the West Village to answer the question: should I space out my child's vaccines?  Her answer will surprise you.

Should I Stagger My Child's Vaccinations?

Mommy Maven on the Mixology of Mocktails

Pregnant and missing your favorite summer cocktail?  Chef Kate Homes to the rescue with four delicious non alcoholic drink recipes.

Mocktails, Non Alcoholic Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

Rosie to the Rescue: Tighten Your Postbaby Belly and Raise Money for Breast Cancer

In case you missed it, here is a recent post from “Rosie to the Rescue”, my blog for Parents Magazine.  I am so excited to announce my partnership with Belly Bandit and the launch of the Organic by Rosie Pope!  Read on to learn how the Organic is the ultimate look good, feel good product.  Don’t miss the rest of the “Rosie to the Rescue” posts, available here.


Paging Rosie: Fertility 101

Here is a little refresher in Fertility 101 to help you decide if your troubles trying to conceive are normal - or if it's time to get help from a fertility specialist on your road to getting pregnant.

Trying To Conceive? Fertility 101 Will Help You Get Pregnant

Paging Margarita Marasigan, RN CCE: Avoid these Breastfeeding Booby Traps

 Having seen so many women disappointed at how early they stopped breast feeding, I asked Margarita Marasigan, RN CCE, who teaches the uber-popular Prenatal Breastfeeding class at my MomPrep studio, to list the top road blocks were - and how to fix them

Breast Feeding Tips and Advice on Nursing

Mommy Maven: Designing a Twin Nursery

<p>Natalie Diaz, founder of <a title="Twiniversity: Online Support Group for Parents of Twins" href="">Twiniversity</a>, is back with her expert advice on parenting multiples.  This time, she's discussing the challenges of planning a nursery for more than one baby - and all the wonderful solutions she's seen.</p>

Planning the Perfect Baby Shower for Twins

Paging Rosie: Why I Don't Care Who Cares for the Royal Baby

Now that Duchess Kate has given birth and the royal baby fever is dying down, focus has shifted to their childcare decision.  Is the fact that they are foregoing a nanny something to be applauded?  Not in my book...

The Royal Nanny, or Lack Thereof