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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

What to Be for Halloween When You’re About to Be a “Mummy”

Dressing up for Halloween as an adult can be tough.  Add a pregnant belly, and it's even tougher!  Here are tips for dressing up for Halloween when you're pregnant.

Halloween Maternity Costume

Fall Fashion Mysteries SOLVED!

Fall dressing can be a challenge - especially if you're pregnant.  Rosie solves all your fall fashion problems with this piece on how to dress this season.

Fall Fashion Dilemmas Solved

Booooo To Halloween Candy (And What To Eat Instead)

Should pregnant women be worried about their Halloween candy consumption?  As I'm pregnant with my 4th, I certainly am - and what I discovered was surprising.

Boooo To Halloween Candy

Paging Dr. Wu: What You Need To Know this Halloween

As a mom, Halloween is one of the most amazing times of year: the children look forward to it with such excitement, and it's a really fun holiday to relive through their eyes.  But, there are also a ton of things to worry about, from meltdowns over the costume to, most seriously, injuries from Halloween-related ...
Halloween Safety Tips from a Pediatrician

Flu Vaccines: Fact vs. Fiction

It's flu season, and I want everyone to know what's factual (and what's fictional) when it comes to flu vaccines.

Flu Shots

Paging Dr. Grunebaum: What Prenatal Tests Should I Expect in My First Trimester?

Dr. Grunebaum of is back to give us the details on all of the tests you should expect in your second and third trimesters.

Prenatal Tests in the First Trimester to Detect Chromosomal Abnormalities and Birth Defects

Rosie For BabyMed: 5 Tips for Feeling Saucy with a Bump

Want to up your sauciness during pregnancy?  Here are some tips to help you feel sexy through fashion, most importantly for our own well-being (and of course, that someone special!).

Saucy Maternity WEar

Paging Dr. Smerling: Are You a Yeller? Here's How To Stop It NOW

Are you a yeller?  Dr. Kathryn Smerling is here to tell you why you need to stop that behavior NOW - or risk long-term consequences for your children.

Are You A Yeller