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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

A Guest Blog: Repair or Repeat - What Will Your Parenting Style Be?

Deciding how you want to parent your children is such an important (and challenging!) decision.  Dr. Kathryn Sterling weighs in below on her tips for how to establish your parenting approach.  

Kathryn Smerling

Paging Dr. Whitney Roban, Ph.D: There's More To Sleep-Training Than Just "Cry It Out"

Dr. Whitney Roban, Ph.D., of Sleep-Eez Kids, is back to offer some more thoughts on that touchy topic: sleep-training.  Although there are many, many different methods to "sleep train" our little ones, many people hear that phrase and immediately think "cry it out".  I thought we could all use a little refresher on the wide variety of options that we as parents have when trying to help our children learn how to become excellent little sleepers.  Even if you think sleep training isn't for you, you may find something you can use in these summaries!   xxRosie

More to Sleep Training

Book Tour: Day 2

<p><em>And the book tour rolls on!  I'm using this space to collect my thoughts into a mini Book Tour journal.  For a live account, make sure you follow me on Twitter@RosiePope.  We’ll even be taping (think “Blair Witch” in terms of quality, but at lot less scary…I hope) and I’ll keep you posted on where to view.  Here are my thoughts on the second day of the tour...</em></p>

Book Tour Day 2

Introducing...Dr. Strongin and Dr. Goletka, of Parenthood Psychology Practice

Sorry to sound like a broken record but the fact is being pregnant and becoming a mom is simply (or perhaps not so simply) both one of the most rewarding and also most challenging things a woman can ever go through.  Some of these challenges fall under the realm of "expected" such as anxiety about whether we are doing a good enough job.  And others fall under the realm of "dangerous" such as postpartum depression.  When facing these issues, and everything in between, women deserve help and support which is why I am eager to introduce you to the latest editions to my expert panel, Dr. Strongin and Dr. Goletka , psychologists specializing in supporting moms experiencing difficulty with everything from breast feeding, post partum depression to dealing with a baby in the NICU, all the way through to the common mom anxiety we can all battle with at some time or another.  Because let's face it, we all need and have a right to support!


A Guest Blog: What's in a Label? When it Comes to Kids, A Lot!

You may remember Dr. Kathryn Sterling from this season of "Pregnant in Heels", where she helped me out with some of my toughest cases.  She's also a member of my expert panel, offering helpful bits of advice on how we can improve our parenting to be the moms and dads we each want to be.  Today, she's got a bit of advice on labeling our little ones...

Kathryn Smerling

Book Tour: Day 1

As the book tour gets underway, I'll be using this space to collect my thoughts into a mini Book Tour journal.  For a live account, make sure you follow me on Twitter @RosiePope.  We'll even be taping (think "Blair Witch" in terms of quality, but at lot less scary...I hope) and I'll keep you posted on where to view.  Now onto my Day 1 musings...

Rosie on Today (10_1)

Paging Margarita Marasigan, RN: Breast or Bottle – The Choice is Yours

<p><em>Margarita Marasigan, RN, CCE has been working with MomPrep for over a year now, providing invaluable guidance on newborn care and maternal health.  She is also a fabulous resource for breastfeeding - she's the lady I ask when I have questions about nursing!  Here, she weighs in on the recent drama surrounding breastfeeding with some reassuring words of wisdom.</em></p>

Margarita Marasigan, RN, CCE

Countdown to MommyIQ Book Tour

As I sit here nervously listing all the things I need to do before I leave for my almost month long book tour (yes, "Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy" is finally here) and how I am going to take at least one of my children on each leg of the trip (I know crazy), I keep welling up. I have never been away from any of them for this length of time.