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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

Sweet Books or Gruesome Tales?

One of my favorite things to do at the end of a crazy day is to climb into bed with my 3 year old and read him bedtime stories before he goes to sleep.  We are both usually so tired that we fall asleep before we ever get to a third book and my husband has to wake me for dinner, but those moments together reading through the pages, laughing, skipping back and forth from book to book are some of the best.


Paging Rosie: Medicine-Free Labor - I Don't Know

<p>So the news is out and now you all know I’m expecting again!  It has been so hard not to tell you all over the last weeks as I have wanted to share my every thought with you all and am so excited that I can now finally talk about it. I wanted to talk about something deeply personal, something I am, well, tossing and turning around in my mind:  Whether or not to try labor without medication.  Non-medicated births are certainly on the rise, if not dramatically in practice certainly at the forefront of many of the pregnant women’s minds that I meet every day.</p>


Over the Moon!

Well my lovelies, I am so pleased to tell you all that the news is true; I am indeed expecting my third child and due next year.

After all the fertility struggles I experienced getting pregnant with baby Wellington I can hardly believe that I am pregnant again so soon and what a surprise, the very best surprise I could ever get.  As you all know we are shooting Season 2 of Pregnant in heels (although I am definitely Pregnant in flats right now), so hopefully you'll get to follow me on this amazing journey on each episode.


Mommy Maven: Halloween Traditions

So with the rumblings of Halloween everywhere I was reminded yesterday of the somewhat bizarre and of course twisted Halloween traditions I grew up with in England.

Caramel Apples, Anyone?

Paging Rosie: Staying Stylish This Fall - My Favorite RPM Looks

I work hard to make sure my maternity line reflects the trends in fashion at large, so you can stay in fashion even while pregnant.  I’ve put together some looks from my line that will be sure to keep you on trend this fall and winter. . . Enjoy!

Favorite Fal RPM Looks

Paging Rosie: Profanities & Kids - Moms Get Real

<p>I recently had the privilege of being invited to<a href="" target="_blank"> </a> "Moms Get Real" segment to discus swearing and children.  This topic really got me thinking especially as my oldest enters the world of school as I’m sure many of your children are also doing.</p>


Smelling the Gravy

As life gets busier and busier I have found myself becoming schedule obsessed. Schedules for my kids, schedules for myself, if I could I would try and do schedules for pretty much anyone in my life so I can make sure everything gets done.  But then I might put aside so much time for schedule creation on my schedule that there may be little time for anything else!


Mommy Maven: Birthday Party Survival Guide

It is natural as parents to want our children to enjoy themselves as much as possible.  And when more than at their birthday party?!

Birthday Party Celebration