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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

It's A Girl!

<p>I have to firstly start this off by saying we weren't 'trying' for a girl. Somehow after 2 boys everyone thinks I was desperate for some estrogen in the house but having truly healthy and happy children was my only goal for our growing family. I have to admit though, now that I know this wee one growing inside of me is a little girl I couldn't be more excited and I have to admit a little (or maybe a lot) nervous! I'm trying not to become a total loony tune about it but those thoughts of "I wonder whether she'll wear my wedding dress" have crossed my mind.</p>



I heard something recently that resonated with me: “The more I'm at home the less I can give to work and the more I'm at work the less I can give to home” obvious perhaps but particularly poignant for me at this point in my life. Being a mother is without doubt the privilege of my life.  I hold it in importance higher than any other thing but I also work a lot.  This is perhaps where it gets complicated because I truly work for my family.


And the Envelope Says...

So it’s almost that time in my pregnancy when my hubby and I can find out whether we are having a girl or a boy.  It such a big, exciting decision for couples deciding whether they want to find out or not and if they do how.  I am a big believer in doing whatever makes you feel like the experience of pregnancy and becoming a parent is even more...


Thank you Doesn't Even Begin to Describe How Thankful I Am

I know we all have those weeks every now and then when it feels like the world is against us.  Doors are shut in our face both literally and figuratively and it feels a little like no matter what we do or how hard we try things just aren't going to turn around.


Paging Rosie: Holy Moly - Acupuncture for Wee Ones

I recently sat down with Jill Blakeway, a licensed acupuncturist and board certified herbalist. Jill is the Clinical Director of the YinOva Center here in NYC and is the coauthor of “Making Babies: A Proven Three Month Program for Maximum Fertility”.


Candy + Costumes

My toddler was ridiculously excited for Halloween.  So much so that when he changed his mind from wanting to be Superman to Batman I got online late at night and had rush delivered a new costume so that he wouldn't be disappointed.   As I picked him up from school he threw himself into my arms and dived directly into my bag to make sure I'd brought both his costume and his pumpkin basket for all the candy collection we would be doing.


Sweet Books or Gruesome Tales?

One of my favorite things to do at the end of a crazy day is to climb into bed with my 3 year old and read him bedtime stories before he goes to sleep.  We are both usually so tired that we fall asleep before we ever get to a third book and my husband has to wake me for dinner, but those moments together reading through the pages, laughing, skipping back and forth from book to book are some of the best.


Paging Rosie: Medicine-Free Labor - I Don't Know

<p>So the news is out and now you all know I’m expecting again!  It has been so hard not to tell you all over the last weeks as I have wanted to share my every thought with you all and am so excited that I can now finally talk about it. I wanted to talk about something deeply personal, something I am, well, tossing and turning around in my mind:  Whether or not to try labor without medication.  Non-medicated births are certainly on the rise, if not dramatically in practice certainly at the forefront of many of the pregnant women’s minds that I meet every day.</p>