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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

When I First Became a Mom

Being a Maternity Concierge I am often asked how to solve many of the problems and concerns that come up every day as a parent.  While I pride myself on the fact that I often have a pretty good idea of how to help, and if I don't I will certainly help figure it out with the experts I have at my finger tips and the amazing resources I know are out there but can often be hard to navigate. I want to reassure you all that I still worry just as much as all of you.

Paging Rosie: Baby Registry Must Haves

With the plethora of amazing equipment, gadgets and toys available it is often very difficult to navigate through the baby registry landscape.  Many future parents ask me what I think are the best things to register for and what things can simply wait until your baby is no longer a newborn.  I have compiled a general list of ten things I think are must haves for any baby registry as well as some don’ts.

Registry MustHaves

Paging Rosie: Introducing Solid Foods

I have to make a confession but when it comes to feeding my children I have been known to go completely batty.  It is one of the common factors between me, my clients and all my mom friends and that is that being totally obsessed with the amount of weight our babies are gaining and how much food they are consuming.  It is some crazy instinctual thing and I cannot tell you the number of hours I have stressed over trying to figure out how many ounces were coming out of each boob, how many table spoons of rice cereal I think were consumed, whether I packed in enough fruits and vegetables into a day and trying to justify a hot dog as qualifying as legitimate meat.


Mommy Maven: Masterpiece in the Making

This will give your little one hours of activity...and you end up with a beautiful masterpiece to remind you of how little they once were!


Pampers Prints Blogger Day

I have the great pleasure to be working with Pampers and recently was invited to their Cincinnati headquarters for Bloggers Day.  My work with them so far has entailed supporting the new Limited Edition Prints that Pampers launched for this summer and they had invited a group of top 14 mommy (and dad) bloggers to design their own prints for diapers for me to judge and to possibly be used on diapers in the future.


The Making Of: I'm in Design Mode

My job entails many things but one of the most important is designing the Rosie Pope Maternity Collection.  Take a peek inside my creative process...

Design Mode

MomPrep on YouTube

One of my goals for the months ahead is to bring MomPrep to as many parents and parents–to-be as possible.  I have the privilege to work with so many amazing experts helping me to provide my clients with the education and support they want in the months leading up to having a baby.


Paging Rosie: Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy

I think it is a great thing that mothers want to be more educated about their health during pregnancy and about how to have healthy pregnancies.  We are no longer throwing back espressos and puffing on the old cigarettes during those nine months, but are instead eating better, staying active and becoming more educated than ever before.  However, pregnancy is also not the time to take the health focus to an extreme by going on a juice cleanse or training for a marathon. Balance and moderation are key!

What Should You Be Eating?