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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

The Making Of: I'm in Design Mode

My job entails many things but one of the most important is designing the Rosie Pope Maternity Collection.  Take a peek inside my creative process...

Design Mode

MomPrep on YouTube

One of my goals for the months ahead is to bring MomPrep to as many parents and parents–to-be as possible.  I have the privilege to work with so many amazing experts helping me to provide my clients with the education and support they want in the months leading up to having a baby.


Paging Rosie: Tips for A Healthy Pregnancy

I think it is a great thing that mothers want to be more educated about their health during pregnancy and about how to have healthy pregnancies.  We are no longer throwing back espressos and puffing on the old cigarettes during those nine months, but are instead eating better, staying active and becoming more educated than ever before.  However, pregnancy is also not the time to take the health focus to an extreme by going on a juice cleanse or training for a marathon. Balance and moderation are key!

What Should You Be Eating?

I'm Giving Up Food

So there is no denying it, I am officially addicted to sugar.  I love it, I love anything made with it -- chocolate, jelly beans, cookies -- I love the way it looks, and I just love it.  The whole office is addicted.  I’m  sitting at the airport waiting on my flight and everywhere I look is sugar.


Paging Rosie: The Finances of Parenting

I know it goes without saying that having a baby certainly creates change in a couple’s lives.  One of the most major changes is also one of the least comfortable to discuss: how you spend and save money, or your finances.  It is estimated that the average cost to raise a child from zero to 18 is just over $225,000 (with obvious variations depending on geographic and social situation).

Finances of Parenting

The Royal Couple

<p>Hellooo!  After an action-packed week in the UK, I’m finally getting down to some very serious business that I've been neglecting: the Royal Wedding!  Yes, I know that today is Will &amp; Kate’s two month anniversary, and yes I know you are probably wondering why I haven’t written a blog post about it yet. Well, I think at the time I was swamped in a daze of sleepless nights and reality TV.  Now that that’s subsided a bit, I thought it only appropriate to turn back to this most important of events.</p>


Paging Rosie: Mom's Guide to Makeup

In the interest of helping all moms get out the door looking fab, I thought I’d share with you the 11 pieces of make-up that I cannot live without in the hopes that maybe it makes your morning routine a tad less stressful and your day that bit more glam!

Mom's Guide to Makeup