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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

Embracing Crazy Town

For whatever reason mango juice is the hot item in our house at breakfast time. One problem however: it is thick and gooey and inevitably ends up all over JR’s highchair, pjs, me and now baby Wells!

This morning’s spill was particularly explosive and as I stared down at the thick orangey mess and my two slightly orange boys I felt the hormones well up into tears. Just as I was about to break down in ridiculous self pity I realized that I am one lucky lady and burst into laughter.

Valentine's Day?

Baby Wells is now a week old and it is safe to say two things: one, I am completely in love and two, I have lost complete control over my hair! I was planning on attempting to fix it this morning and then I weighed up the fact that I had a spare 10 minutes to either try and make my hair look glam for my toddler and my one week old or I could indulge in an extra large latte while sitting down. I now know I still have my marbles because I chose the latte!

I Love You To Infinity & Beyond

On Saturday evening Daron (my hubby), JR (my 2 ½ year old son) and I welcomed Wellington “Wells” Reade Pope into our lives at 5.51pm. Weighing in at 8Ibs 8 ounces I am glad to say this labor was drastically shorter than my 26 hours stint with JR! Having babies is a fascinating experience.

Paging Rosie: The 2 week Rule

Seeing as there is a  theme of preparedness and survival in this week's Morning Coffee, let's talk a little about what happens when the baby actually comes.  Just as the last two week's of pregnancy are tough, the first two weeks of being a new mom are also incredibly difficult.

Morning Coffee

I don't think I intentionally set about being a Luddite but apparently it happened to me!  Thankfully and at long last though I have been pulled into the technology era...well, sort of. My new Facebook page is live, I'm tweeting like a banshee and the first part of our spanking brand new website is up for all to see.

Beans for Mommy-to-be (without the caffeine of course)

Survival Tips for the Last Weeks of Pregnancy:

  1. Don't stop working - even a little distraction from the office is going to make the days go quicker, and you also won't eat into your maternity leave.

Beans for Thought

Holy Moly, are the last two weeks of pregnancy tough!  I think somehow it is really easy to get into one's head that when you hit the last month that wee babaganoush (spelling?) is going to arrive right away!