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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

Catwalk Ready?

It has been over 5 weeks since Wells was born and with the imminent TV appearances and multiple photos taken over the last few weeks to accompany countless articles it is hard not to think about my appearance post-pregnancy and the societal pressures to bounce back only a few weeks post-delivery.

Pumpkin Pants or Toddler I just Can't Decide

You might be wondering why I seem to move amongst referring to my kids by their names to using their nicknames to simply trotting out the generic old “baby” and “toddler”. You might even be wondering just who is this Pumpkin Pants anyway and why won’t this lady be more consistent? Well, I apologize, but in all honestly I am struggling with the conflicting feelings that I need to be honest and open about my life as a mother, designer, concierge and reality TV star (still can’t quite believe that one!) but at the same time I want to protect my children’s privacy.

I'm Too Busy

Alas, as with any mom, I feel like I am juggling the world. I have taken multi-tasking to a whole new level trying to bounce the swing with one foot while feeding my toddler with the other hand (if only I could use my other foot), which leaves one more hand and one more foot to entertain them both while also thinking of something intelligent to say about Thomas the Tank Engine.

We Are All Japanese - George Takei

In the words of George Takei (best known perhaps for his role in Star Trek), today “We are all Japanese.” Sometimes this world can seem so vast and we can feel so disconnected from one another. It is such an incredible shame that it is in tragedy like this when we remember that we are not simply an island but we are actually connected through humanity to so many others.

Heels are Deeper Than You Think

The first promo for my show in Bravo "Pregnant in Heels" ran on Monday night. Besides the obvious complete weirdness of seeing one's self on television and analyzing why my eyebrows are apparently completely uneven, along with other absurdities and over analytical insecurities, I realized that I haven't actually sat down in the whirlwind of filming to really think about what is about to happen. I think the potential enormity of it all hit me as I started to watch the twitter twatter on Monday night and realized there is going to be no more nipping to Starbucks looking like a bag lady.


The River Nile

I have a nano second to write this blog post while my toddler is busy discovering something fabulous about a battery powered Thomas the Tank Engine, my three week old is sleeping soundly in the bassinet, the bottles are being sterilized and the coffee that I just spilled on my keyboard is drying!

The Making Of: Inspiration for Spring 2012

Loving sorbets for Spring 2012, probably the result of my post-pregnancy diet causing dreams of ice cream and other scrumptious foods!

Maternity Fashion Inspiration!

Look Who's Wearing Rosie Pope

On 30 Rock in the episode titled “TGS Hates Women”, Jane Krakowski wore a Rosie Pope Maternity white pin tuck blouse.