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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

Episode 5 of Pregnant in Heels - Baby Showers!

In all honesty, when I left England (agreeably, I was only 18 years old), I don’t think I had even heard of one. But then again, I hadn’t heard of a bridal shower either.  I am not so sure whether this was because weddings and babies hadn’t been a huge research topic of mine at that juncture in my life, or whether such celebratory events are simply shied away from in that grey landscape that can so often swallow British culture (though let’s hope that, since my departure, both bridal and baby showers are back in force!).

Holding On - Episode 4 of Pregnant In Heels

When I got the call that I might be pregnant, but that the results might be indicative of something other than a healthy baby, I was paralyzed.  What do you do with a piece of information like that, other than hope and pray?

The Rosie Pope Rosetta Stone

I have received quite a few comments about the expressions that I use on Pregnant In Heels (not to mention my speech in general, but that’s a post for another time!).  I must admit, a good deal of my favorite slang words are simply substitutes for clinical phrases/words I’m just too uncomfortable to state aloud-  a standard Brit problem, no doubt.  So, without further ado, here is a little primer for those of you following along at home:


Episode 3 - Recipe for Spotted Dick

Okay my lovelies, better late than never, but at long last I have my Spotted Dick recipe for you!  The truth is I'm a pretty horrid cook, aside from the toddler delights I am now able to whip up.  It seems my cooking skills are maturing as my son's palette matures, as he apparently LOVES what I concoct so maybe there is a future for me. That, or maybe I just use a lot of delicious apple sauce to mask the delicacy of the day!


Paging Rosie: My Favorite Rooms

My favorite places in our house are my kids’ rooms.  There is something playful and also so tranquil about each of them.  When I decorate their rooms I have two aims; to create an overwhelming sense of fun and also warmth.

Favorite Rooms

Episode 2 of Pregnant In Heels - Bringing Sexy Back

Well, talk about an episode of Pregnant in Heels just jammed full of awkwardness. With a focus on intimacy during pregnancy and scenes that include a sex therapist, an in depth discussion about poop and Daron giving a sperm donation for egg fertilization all in one episode, it is almost too much for even me to handle!


My Reaction - Episode 1 of Pregnant In Heels

So the old cat is out of the bag (nasty phrase by the way, but after being dragged back through the fertility roller coaster I can’t think of another): now that Pregnant in Heels has premiered on Bravo, it is now known that I am not in fact a fertile Myrtle, despite having a career built on all things conception and baby-related!


The Dream Team

As you can imagine this time of my life is both very exciting (and nerve-racking) on a personal level and a professional one.  Everything is going at a thousand miles an hour and as I was pouring through my hundreds of emails that came in this morning I was bowled over by what an amazing team of people work at Rosie Pope Maternity and MomPrep.