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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

The Royal Couple

<p>Hellooo!  After an action-packed week in the UK, I’m finally getting down to some very serious business that I've been neglecting: the Royal Wedding!  Yes, I know that today is Will &amp; Kate’s two month anniversary, and yes I know you are probably wondering why I haven’t written a blog post about it yet. Well, I think at the time I was swamped in a daze of sleepless nights and reality TV.  Now that that’s subsided a bit, I thought it only appropriate to turn back to this most important of events.</p>


Paging Rosie: Mom's Guide to Makeup

In the interest of helping all moms get out the door looking fab, I thought I’d share with you the 11 pieces of make-up that I cannot live without in the hopes that maybe it makes your morning routine a tad less stressful and your day that bit more glam!

Mom's Guide to Makeup

Paging Rosie: The Polarizing Nature of Pregnancy & Childbirth

I’m having a hard time formulating what I am trying to say on this topic, as I certainly don’t wish to offend anyone (which I suppose kind of proves the ultimate point I’m trying to make).  Let me also say before I launch into this that I support all childbirth choices that end up with a healthy mom and baby, and that these choices can be different for everyone.

What's Not to Love About the Jersey Shore?

It’s funny sitting down to write this blog.  I have to admit I feel as though I have had bloggers block since the Pregnant in Heels season finale.  There were so many ‘deep’ topics to explore  during the show that all of a sudden when the show ended I sort of felt devoid of really serious stuff to tell you….or at least maybe I wanted to take a break from the heavy, if you know what I mean!

Pregnant In Heels Episode 8 - Feelings

As I crack open yet another Diet Coke and sit in my window seat staring out to the clouds on my flight home back from a press tour and a blogging conference (SheCon) in Miami, slightly (okay, very) annoyed that the lady in the unitard sitting next to me is hogging both elbow rests so ...

Episode of Pregnant In Heels - This is Real

So incredible to think that the wee embryo I saw on the screen was Wells.  So utterly amazing that on that screen was this very young baby boy, this miracle who so wanted to be here.

The Nana Effect

A question that frequently pops up in interviews, on my Twitter and Facebook feeds and in my general day-to-day life is why MomPrep, why now?  Before I dive into the multitude of reasons that led me to create MomPrep, let me back up a wee bit: for those of you who may not know what MomPrep is, it is the prenatal and postpartum education and fitness arm of my company, which currently offers courses in New York City at our uptown MomPrep studio.

Episode 6 of Pregnant In Heels - Crisis of Anxiety

For me, Episode 6 of Pregnant in Heels really speaks to the crisis in confidence that most mothers suffer from.  It seems that from the very moment of conception on, nature has a way of riddling both our hearts and minds with fear and insecurities.  Admittedly, these anxieties all rear their head to varying degrees, but I haven’t yet met a mother that hasn’t experienced this crisis of anxiety.