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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

In Defense of the Grandma Shower

In the interest of getting to the bottom of a controversial trend, I'm sharing the reasons why I a grandma shower can be a good thing.

Grandma Baby Shower

Crib Notes: The Do's and Don't's of Beauty During Pregnancy

Here's my handy-dandy list of the do's and don't's of beauty during pregnancy.


The Four Worst Online Traps for Kids – And How To Avoid Them

Internet safety expert Russ Warner of ContentWatch gives us his thoughts on how to keep our children safe online, and what to watch out for.  

Paging Dr. Grunebaum of BabyMed.Com: How to Pick Your Baby's Sex

If you've got a gaggle of girls or a bevy of boys and want to try for the opposite sex, take these tips from Dr. Grunebaum for getting pregnant with a boy or girl!

Want to Know How to Get Pregnant with a Boy or How to Conceive a Girl?  It's All About the Sperm!

Birth Team 101: Who's Who

All of the options for your birth team can be confusing, so I've asked the Northeast Doulas to give us a quick rundown of who can help you with what so you can make the best choice for your family.

Mainstream Girls Want Doulas Too

Rosie Pope Maternity + Uber

  Rosie’s Happy Mother’s Day Gift to Rosie Pope Maternity Store Shoppers | NYC, LA To and from all Rosie Pope Maternity Stores from Saturday, May 10th to closing on Monday, May 12th 2014. Rosie is giving all of the pregnant moms in the NYC and LA area free, round-trip Uber car transportation to her ...

Rosie to the Rescue!: Time Outs, Two Ways

In case you missed it, here is a recent post from “Rosie to the Rescue”, my blog for Parents Magazine, where I give you my alternatives to the traditional time out. Don’t miss the rest of the “Rosie to the Rescue” posts, available here.

Rosie to the Rescue

Paging Twiniversity: Parenting After Baby (or Babies!)

Well-known twin parenting expert Natalie Diaz, founder of Twiniversity, gives us her thoughts on how to baby-proof your marriage, whether you're preparing for one baby or 5.  

Want to Have Twins Naturally?