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From what's happening in maternity fashion to what's happening in the world of motherhood. Here's where you can get updates info and insights - all straight from Rosie!

Mommy Maven: Are Those Crazy Therapies Really That Crazy?

Star Magazine recently reported on Angelina Jolie's strange new therapy.  I decided to compare it to other celeb therapies to see how it stacks up!

Angelina Jolie Star Magazine Cover

Ten Things Grosser Than What Kate Middleton Did

Ten things that have happened to me or someone I know that are far, far grosser than Kate Middleton's run-of-the-mill drool encounter.


Mommy Maven: Things to Do While Pumping

My favorite tricks and tips to make the time hooked up to the ol’ pump a bit more enjoyable!

Rosie with Baby

POAS Parties: The Newest Trend in Trying to Conceive

It's not often that a pregnancy trend emerges that is completely unexpected!  Here are my pros and cons surrounding the new trend of POAS parties.

Pregnancy Test

Spring Style Survey: Easter Dresses for Mom

Easter Sunday is the perfect day to embrace spring fashion and show off in your Sunday best. I picked out some of my favorite RPM dresses for you to celebrate in this Sunday.

Easter Dresses

Why I Will Always Be in Favor of a Hospital Birth

After giving birth for the fourth time, I'm even more in favor of hospital births...even if there are things that I think need to change.

Rosie with Baby

The Dirty Side of Decorating a Nursery (Real Life Tips from a Real Life Mom)

As I was scrubbing baby vomit out of the rug for the millionth time, I thought to myself that someone should make a list of decorating tips that address the realities of caring for a baby. So here are my favorite tips for real life nursery decorating!

Vivienne's Nursery Decorated by HGTV

Crib Notes: Battling the Bewitching Hour

Like so many parents, we are dealing with the baby bewitching hour that develops between weeks 4 and 8. Here's my advice on how to get through it.

Crib Notes Bewitching Hour