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A Big Announcement for the Pope Family…

Movin' to the Burbs!I wanted to make an announcement….here it comes…I am moving to the ‘burbs!  I know, I know, I feel most of you roll your eyes “what’s the big deal”?  But, for this city girl, it’s a major deal!  I have spent my entire life in London and then New York City so the thought of a house that is not connected to another is pretty mind blowing.  Not to mention the fact that my real reference for the suburbs are Michael J. Fox movies from the early 90s so somehow I expect to start wearing acid wash denim (which I think is making a comeback) and listening to the high-school love songs.  I am sure the suburbs have come a long way since these movies were made but I can’t help playing scenes from them one after another in my mind!  But let’s face it, we have three mighty energetic and amazing children and when mama came home to them driving golf balls down he hall way, I said to myself…time for a garden, or yard, or whatever you call it….as you can tell I have never mowed a lawn.  Two weeks and counting till the big move, so any advice you are giving I’m taking!  Oh, and if you see me lost on the suburban streets or hills, or lanes, or fields (okay suburbs not country), be kind and point me back in the direction of the city!

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  1. Congrats on the move to the suburbs Rosie!
    No doubt it will be an exciting adventure for your whole family. Your kids will LOVE having a yard to play in and having kids to play with down the street! I have lived in the burbs my whole life and enjoyed every minute of it as a kid as I am sure your kids will too! Best wishes on this new chapter in life!

  2. Very exciting!!! Good luck, you’ll love the extra space, I’m sure:) I live in the country, country, countryside in Ireland so the ‘burbs of NY seems like a city in itself!

  3. I turned on the tv and ‘Marie’ was on, Rosie was the guest. …. in regards to cats and pregnant women….it is NOT just the litter!!! Cats can get toxoplasmosis by eating an infected animal ie a mouse or raw meat. Keep cats indoors and do not give them raw meat. Toxoplasmosis can also be found in dirt so even gardening can be a potental hazard. I would assume that someone who is trying to educate pregnant women, would make sure they themselves are fully educated about the things they warn others about. Rosie cannot keep saying this “litter” nonsence without knowing all the facts. Saying this ignorant statement is sending thousands of cats to shelters. LEARN THE FACTS please!

  4. Yay!! You will LOVE it! More privacy and more room for the kids to play! Congrats!

    ChasingHauteDotComMay 29, 2013 @ 10:52 am
  5. CONGRATS!!!! You will love it in the “burbs” and its a great area….. enjoy much luck and happiness in your new home.

  6. How exciting for you!I live in the countryside and it is wonderful!Enjoy!

    lindsaytonnerMay 29, 2013 @ 1:54 pm
  7. Hey Rosie,
    As a fellow Londoner ( I moved to the US 5 years ago) I completely understand what you are going through! we are also moving to a “real house” finally! I think once you are settled and the kids love the extra space you will love it! I am looking forward to a garden for my two crazy boys to run around in! Another plus…less traffic in the “burbs”! Good luck with the move!!

  8. Congratulations on the move! Moving to the suburbs is exciting, but definitely different than living an urban city. My husband and I moved to the suburbs last year and my advice is this – have patience. Life moves at a different pace and on a different path in the suburbs. Have patience with yourself and your new surroundings as you adapt to this new season of life. Very soon you’ll be a suburbs pro, confidant that it was the right move for your family. And if not, you can always move back to the city.

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