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Almost Valentine’s Day

So looks like this year I’ll be filming on location for Valentine’s Day with Pregnant in Heels but then again my husband and I have never really been ones to celebrate it….I know I know, can you believe it?! No bouquet of Roses or boxes full of chocolates for moi! But it really doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day isn’t still very special. For me it means arts and crafts and cupcakes with the kids and it doesn’t get much better than that in my book!

Of course being away this year means I’ll probably be crying in a heap on the floor of my hotel room after Skyping with my wee ones and then worrying that I really don’t have this work-life balance thing figured out at all. But alas, we’ll just celebrate Valentine’s Day on a different day.

One of my latest obsessions is setting up different bowls of sparkles, glitter, glue and stickers on our dining room table and then arming my toddler with some safe scissors. If you then fold red or pink construction paper in half, draw half a heart on it, they can try and “cut on the line” to create a fun heart shape on which to go crazy with stickers and glitter. These make great cards, are great fun and the kids get to practice some of that hand-eye coordination they’ll need at pre-school while you watch over them. These are some of the Valentine’s that JR and I made.

Its double fun if you take wee breaks between cutting and sprinkling sparkles to eat some delicious pink cupcakes. I can’t think of a better day than eating a wee bit of pink frosting while piling glitter and sparkles onto some cards all the while talking to you wee ones about the importance of love.

Okay I have to stop because I feel the flood works of tears coming on over the fact that I’ll be a gazillion miles away from all that love on Valentine’s Day.

But just remember, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance. It can also be about all the different ways we love people and especially the ways in which we teach our children to love and be loved.

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