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And the Envelope Says…

EnvelopeSo it’s almost that time in my pregnancy when my hubby and I can find out whether we are having a girl or a boy.  It such a big, exciting decision for couples deciding whether they want to find out or not and if they do how.  I am a big believer in doing whatever makes you feel like the experience of pregnancy and becoming a parent is even more special.  For some that is leaving finding out what you are having till your wee one is born and for others it’s finding out in advance.

For me, I like to find out as soon as I possibly can.  For some reason it makes me feel more connected to the babe growing inside of me and as it usually happens approximately half way through the pregnancy it is a wonderful surprise to keep me going until the wonderful day when I finally get to meet my new baby.

Many people find out during the anatomical ultrasound at 20 weeks and if that feels right for you go for it.  I do like to encourage people though if you are finding out to think of a really special way to do so.  It is such a momentous thing to discover that it should be special.

For my husband and me, we take a card and an envelope to our appointment and we ask the ultrasound technician to write down sex of the baby on the card and slip it into an envelope.  The evening of the ultrasound we go to the place we first met in New York City, a roof top bar no less (well we met in the elevator on the way up but is a little bit of a short ride to open such a special envelope!).  My hubby gets a drink and I get a mocktail and then we put the envelope on the table and then open it!

It is so exciting looking at the envelope not knowing what it’s going to say and then opening it in the same special place that our relationship and thus our family begun.  We then go to dinner nearby and talk about names, the new baby, our family, the future.  It is truly a magical evening.  Though  I don’t yet know what my envelope says, I can hardly wait!

There are so many creative ways to find out the gender these days whether you are religious and would rather do it at your church, or throw a cake party and have the icing inside be pink for girl and blue for boy, many bakers will do this if you ask a friend to call in with the results of the ultrasound.

If you are finding out you should think about what is important to you.  Is it important to have privacy and just be with your partner when you learn the news?  Or do you want to find out immediately at your doctor’s appointment or perhaps you want to share with friends and family with a get together.

Basically get on the same page with your partner, because this is a moment worth planning, savoring and enjoying every last second.  I’d love to hear from all of you on why you did or didn’t find out and if you did find out how you did it.

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  1. When my husband and I went for our Anatomy Scan this past October (this is our first child), we had been discussing different ways to find out. We thought about the envelope idea, and thought it was a nice idea. However, on the day of the ultrasound, I was running late from work, and my husband was going to meet me at the doctors office. I get there, and he wasn’t there! I called him and asked where he was, and he said at the doctors! Where are you?? Turns out he went to the wrong doctor! LOL He was about 20 minutes away, and the doctor called me back to the exam room. I was heartbroken that he would miss getting to see the baby. We did all of the measurments and right before we were finished, my husband came running through the door. The doctor said, do you want to know the sex? My husband enthusiastically said YES!! We found out right there that it was a boy. The expression on my husbands face was priceless, and he asked the doctor to show him again, and if he was sure! LOL. He was ecstatic, and to me, that made it the most special. I wouldn’t have changed the way it happened if I could. We can’t wait to meet the little man!!

  2. Estou muito ansiosa para saber se é menino ou menina…. ahhh te adoro demais. vc é simplesmente o MAXIMO..:D sou super sua fã .

  3. We’re only a few weeks away from finding out the gender of our first baby! We’re so excited, that I don’t think anything could make it MORE special. I love the idea of the envelope or the cake, but for us right now, just being there together to hear it will be the biggest thrill!

  4. so what are you having rosie???

  5. My husband and I did the reveal cake with our family, and I am so glad that we decided to make it an event! Not only was it fun for us all to find out at once, but it was also truly special to see how much our little girl was already loved and anticipated. We brought the envelope to the baker that morning so that no one but she would know when we cut into the cake. Being Southern and living in New England, we actually met my husband’s family at a local restaurant that specializes in Southern cuisine and made sure my family was all on speaker phone when we cut into the cake… Over fried dill pickles, I felt somehow like all our families were closer. We thought our server was going to burst with excitement as well! Cutting into the cake was truly the most exciting, fun event, and I’m so glad we experienced it with so much love around us (and not with gel on my belly at 7:30 am!).

  6. Did you find out what you are having?!

  7. We hope to find out this month.

  8. We’re having a girl!! I’ve been dying to tell you all. Here’s the announcement on Us Weekly

  9. Congratulations Rosie! We didn’t want to find out originally and were pressured by friends/family. We are going to announce it at our baby shower in about 6 weeks. Everyone has been chomping at the bit to know the gender of our little one. I think you’re not too far behind me, I’m due April 21st.

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