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Paging Rosie: Baby before Career or Career before Baby, the Modern Dilemma

I can’t tell you how many times I get asked: “Is it possible to have it all?”. My response is always the same….you can’t have it all in one day but over time yes I think you can have it all. However, you must cast a wider net over time to achieve all the things you want to. For me that means being a great mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur but I am certainly not able to be amazing at all these things all in one day, there simply isn’t enough time, especially if I’m going to try and fit in a shower somewhere in there! But I try and make sure by the end of the week I’ve done it all, or at least what I consider “all” to be. When thinking about this, and I often do, I met an interesting women recently who had made the decision to have her family before her career as opposed to career before family. This struck me as very interesting as it seems far more common these days for women to try and get ahead in their careers before taking time for maternity leave and babies. Instead this woman had chosen to have her children right after college and then enter the competitive work place in her late 20s. She still worked during this time but didn’t aggressively pursue her career until her kids were in school. She was vibrant and full of energy with out the concerns of needing to take a break at some point in the future to have kids because of a ticking biological clock. She was also excited about her career because she had spent the time she felt she needed at home. It was a very interesting stance and something I honestly had never considered. I did mine all at once! As is my style….career, baby or babies I should say, no maternity leave! As I sit here musing I can also see an argument for career before baby, so that you are established enough to be able to call the shots, get home in time for dinner, make soccer games and so on.

I really don’t think there is one right answer, no one size fits all but it is interesting to consider if we have the luxury of a choice. After all, if we are going to have it all there needs to be some considerable planning put in place!

What did you do? I’d love to know.

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