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Mommy Maven: Baby Shower Favors for Under $10

Baby Showers can be an expensive proposition especially for the people hosting the shower.  In order to keep the budget manageable I recommend throwing the shower at one of the host’s homes and following the three Cs of baby showers: Cupcakes, Candy & Cocktails (with a mocktail for the pregnant ladies of course).  As long as you have the three Cs you really can’t go wrong.

One of the most costly things at a shower can often end up being the favors, especially if the shower has a lot of attendees.  I’ve pulled together some great gift ideas for under $10 to help put the finishing touch on that amazing shower:

  1. Nail polish + candy tied together in a bow:  Try a universally flattering pink like Essie’s Mademoiselle or a pop pink or coral and old-fashioned taffy in pink or blue with matching bow to tie the gift together
  2. $10 Starbucks card, this is a gift any busy lady will love to receive.  Starbucks cards usually come with stylish graphics which you can jazz up with a decorative bow.
  3. Jar recipe, pick your favorite recipe for a baked good (like a cinnamon scone) and layer the dry ingredients in a mason jar and add a label with the recipe on it—all they have to do is add the wet ingredients.  Mason jars are stylish in themselves but can always be made prettier by painting on a Monogram or wrapping ribbon around the neck of the jar.
  4. Personalized/monogrammed cups: Who doesn’t love a monogram (I’m obsessed) and you can purchase for $3 each including monogram/personalization.   Fill them with ribbon candy for a nice finishing touch.
  5. Themed scent, choose a themed scent for the shower and have votive candles in that scent sprinkled around the shower.  Then give votives as gifts at the end of the shower (not the ones that have been burning of course) so that the guests can be reminded of the shower and the new baby each time they use them.
  6. Half a bottle of champagne with tied ribbon, there are some inexpensive champagnes out there and while they may not be the best, any type of bubbly or champers as my Nana used to call it, screams celebration.  When you tie the ribbon around the bottle make sure to use the blade of a pair of scissors pulled down the length of the ribbon to curl it into cute tendrils.
  7. Keepsake Recipe,  recipes, good ones at least, are often passed down from one generation to another.  Why not think of one of your families greatest and most coveted recipes and share it with the shower attendees.  To make it extra special write it out on a scroll and roll up with a wax seal.

Happy Shower planning everyone!

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  1. Hi Rosie, In Belgium baby showers are non-existent, but we have a very strong tradition of birth favors or treats. I made a website explaining how it all came into existence and how our birth favors are keeping up with new trends. I am looking into opportunities to introduce these abroad as well. Have a look at (tip: click on the stars n stripes for English) Njoy! And congrats on your third pregnancy! ;-)

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