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Mommy Maven: How to Choose the Best Babymoon

Planning Your Babymoon

Are you pregnant?  Then chances are you’ve heard something about this thing called a “babymoon”  (or “baby moon”, depending on how you feel about spaces :) .  Babymoons are a relatively new idea, but a great one I might add! In a nutshell, a babymoon is the last vacation, hurrah, unadulterated sleep, totally selfish, whatever-you-want-to-call-it you are going to be able to take before becoming parents.  Will you ever vacation alone again? Sleep through the night again? Of course! However, it may be a while, so if you, can I think these baby moon vacations are a wonderful idea to take advantage of before your baby comes.

There are a number of things to keep in mind when planning a babymoon getaway to help you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Let’s just say, riding horseback with Mojitos in hand, after having taken a turn in the sauna and basking in the sun sans sunscreen, are simply not good babymoon ideas! Just in case you had had that in mind  I have created a list to live by for sweet baby moon success:

*The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists have stated that flying is safe, but if you are planning a babymoon that requires flight try to do it in the second trimester when you are less likely to be nauseous, fatigued or need to be close to your doctor.

*Make sure you are not going somewhere that is too hot, for your own comfort and to reduce the risk of heat exertion or dehydration. If vacationing within the United States, keep it coastal as that beautiful breeze can be a wonderful idea, especially in the summer.

*Be sure that the food options are healthy and safe.  Visiting places that don’t have safe water or food hygiene in general is not a good idea when you are pregnant.

*If traveling to unfamiliar places, or if you have a long trip, be sure to bring your own snacks (just imagine what you’d bring along for your baby and bring it for yourself!)

*Bring your own sunscreen and other products that you know are safe for your sensitive and delicate pregnancy skin.

*You don’t have to spend the big bucks. These trips aren’t supposed to be stressful and when you have so much gear to buy, having a four star vacation may not be the right babymoon for you.  In fact, you don’t even need to go away. Some of the best babymoons can happen right at home when you and your partner decide to turn off for a few days, not answer the phones and just relax.

*If you are traveling, look for retreats that have a healthy element to them. Bar-hopping in Cabo is certainly not the ideal babymoon!  Instead fill your babymoon days with moderate activity, resting and also some trips to the spa for a prenatal massage or two (just make sure the prenatal massage therapist is certified).


*Most importantly it isn’t really a time for experimentation but a time to do something you enjoy, that is safe and allows you the quality one on one indulgent time with your partner that may be few and far between in the months to come. This can be achieved at home, in the US or not too far outside!


Happy Baby Mooning!


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