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Beans for Mommy-to-be (without the caffeine of course)

Survival Tips for the Last Weeks of Pregnancy:

  1. Don’t stop working – even a little distraction from the office is going to make the days go quicker, and you also won’t eat into your maternity leave.
  2. Prepare those birth announcements.  Figure out the design, what it is going to say and have it ready to go (perhaps saved on your favorite stationary website).  Buy envelopes in advance and address all of them….you’ll be giving yourself a big old pat on the back if you get this part done, because a sleep deprived new mom doesn’t want to be addressing envelopes!
  3. Make sure the baby’s room and supplies are absolutely ready (tip: you’ll need more than 10 diapers….A LOT more, as babies generally go through 10 a day!) and stock up that freezer because there isn’t going to be much time to skip to the local organic market!
  4. Indulge!  This is your last chance before you’ll almost certainly be starting your post baby weight loss regime….so if you have any last cravings, pack them in :)
  5. It is never too late to take a class at MomPrep.  If you are feeling underprepared, solve the problem and take a class in whatever area you feel deficient.  I promise you will be a much more confident and secure mom as a result.


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