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Book Tour: Day 2

And the book tour rolls on!  I’m using this space to collect my thoughts into a mini Book Tour journal.  For a live account, make sure you follow me on Twitter@RosiePope.  We’ll even be taping (think “Blair Witch” in terms of quality, but at lot less scary…I hope) and I’ll keep you posted on where to view.  Here are my thoughts on the second day of the tour…

Annie, Vivienne and myself touched down in LA.  I have to say, Vivi was a complete rock star and made her mama proud as she slept through most of the flight and then charmed the socks off the other passengers in between snoozes.  Looks as though I may have even got Annie a date, as the gentleman sitting next to me apparently knows an eligible bachelor.  That’s right, matchmaker extraordinaire!

As I tried to jam in a little snooze (it didn’t work) I was reflecting on last night’s book signing and all the amazing people I met in New York City.  It always humbles me how I have touched or inspired people in ways I could never have imagined.  I met a man last night who’s wife was inspired by my speech impediment to become a speech therapist and help school kids suffering from various speech difficulties.  It is completely amazing that an issue I never knew I had before stepping into the public eye, has in fact inspired a career for someone.  I simply love how life can sometimes work!

I go from this rather deep thought to complete amazement that I managed to use the airplane toilet while holding Vivi in one hand, attempting to touch very little with the other. Quiet a feat, I must say!….and yes, I think I do have ADD!  Or at least some form of something, as I have a complete inability to focus when I have this much anxiety about all that is going on.  Which brings me to give thanks for Wifi on airplanes because during the flight I got the green light for Access Hollywood Live tomorrow morning to do a piece on healthy eating in pregnancy.  Alas, the sad truth that if you are of healthy weight and BMI and consuming around 1800 calories per day you really only need 100-300 extra calories per day in the first and second trimesters has certainly been garnering rather a lot of media attention since I began the tour.  I know, I too want to hurl myself on the couch and sob into a pile of chocolate at this cruel fact.  And while it is important to know, I do also believe it is important to also indulge a little, just in moderation and with good wholesome foods (like ice cream! Just not all the time!).

So the day has been jammed already and now I sit here in the back of a car stuck in LA traffic freaking out whether I will make the signing on time….just so excited to meet even more of you and talk about this book.

And one last thing… all of you last night that came and are trying to get pregnant I just wanted to say how much your stories touched me and how I will continue to think of you and hopefully send a little baby dust your way.

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