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Pregnant In Heels Season 2 Begins!

So Pregnant in Heels Season 2 has kicked off with some controversial topics. From home birth to placenta eating, elimination communication and pregnancy Kama Sutra, I certainly have everything covered in this season it’s crazy town!

I am also pregnant during this season (though I had our baby girl Vivienne Madison Pope on Sunday May 13) and while I may not request placenta smoothies, I have to admit I had the same anxiety as the rest of my clients. We all want to be the best parents we can be and sometimes this anxiety makes us do or request crazy things.

The important thing for me is to guide my clients towards the goal of being prepared for their new wee one and for me to remember that this is all normal and the crazy requests are all based in wanting to be better parents. This season it has been a challenge for me to keep priorities straight and laugh along the way at the crazy whims, while keeping them focused and on track.

I’d love to know your thoughts about some of the hot button topics coming up on this season so for this blog I have done a quick summary of the topics from episode 1 and my thoughts on them and then I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you passionately agree or disagree with me, I want to know. You can reply here or on Facebook or
Twitter as I will be live tweeting each episode with the tag #PregInHeels.

  • HOME BIRTH – It is my belief that with a healthy pregnancy a woman should have the right to choose the type of birth she wants. She must embrace however, that things do not always go according to plan and so in the United States having access to medical intervention and care is a very fortunate bonus. Which makes me wonder, with the options of birthing centers and hospitals, why choose a home birth knowing the risks involved? I know this is an exceedingly heated topic and I agree that in some countries home birth is almost certainly a better option but in America it always comes down for me to one thing; if something goes wrong wouldn’t you rather be around medical professionals that can help save your baby?
  • PLACENTA EATING – There are many interesting theories and traditions that have surrounded placentas over different cultures. The current trend in the United States is based on the theory that eating your own placenta may ward off postpartum depression and if saved until that time in your life may help ease one through menopause. I think these arguments are fascinating but the lack of scientific research to support it makes it hard for me to jump on the placenta eating band wagon. I do however, think we should push for more research to be done on the gazillions of placentas discarded in the US each day and get to the bottom of this once and for all!
  • ELMINATION COMMUNICATION (EC) – Attachment parenting truly taken to the extreme. EC requires that we are with our children at all times to be able to read subtle signals that they need to use the bathroom from birth (that’s right, years before potty training is normally recommended). This is necessary in some cultures where diapers are unavailable and unaffordable and life is mainly lived outside and the babies are strapped to their mothers. Barring out of financial necessity, with the many environmentally friendly options today I really can’t understand why anyone in the US would think the better option would be for your baby to go diaperless and the parent obsessively figure out when they need to eliminate. Can you imagine hovering over your baby while he/she sleeps and then having to wake to hold them over a toilet?!
  • PREGNANCY KAMA SUTRA – I know, not necessarily a topic for most of the pregnant ladies I meet. But it is possible to have an extremely heightened sex drive when you are pregnant. It is also quite possible for the reverse to happen. What I find interesting about this topic is more about intimacy in general and the importance it plays in a relationship. And how hard it can be to maintain intimacy while pregnant and after the baby is born. For many couples if they lose intimacy their relationship can start to unfold but it is also unreasonable to think it won’t change. (Especially when you are a gazillion weeks pregnant, on bed rest etc…). I’m fascinated by how men and women keep the communication going with their partners so it doesn’t become an issue. How do you keep that spark alive, do tell?

With so many topics and so little time until next week’s episode, please share your thoughts with me either here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

x – Rosie


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  1. Evening Rosie! I love love the show! I am a mom of four soon to be five and I actually learn a thing or two from you when I watch! Congrats on your little girl! Keep on doing the fantastic job you do!

  2. What you share about home birthing is troubling. Many studies show that birthing in a hospital often leads to unnecessary interventions, and home birthing is a way for a woman to have her baby the way SHE wants to, not the way a doctor wants her to (which often includes intervention after intervention, so that it’s “easier”–read: quicker).

    Home births ARE done with “medical professionals [who] can help you save your baby”–they’re called midwives, and more often than not, they’re certified nurses! ALL well-laid home-birthing plans include an emergency plan. Home-birthers don’t just get pregnant, decide we want a home birth, and then ignore any planning before the birth.

    We want to make sure our birth goes as smoothly as possible, in a situation where WE, not the doctors, have the power. Home birth is about empowering a woman to do perhaps the one thing her body was really made to do: give birth! We want to be able to walk around, squat, sit, kneel, and push without having to be on our backs, or with a needle in our spine.

    Birthing centers in hospitals are lovely, but for some women, we want to have our babies at home. We want our baby to be welcomed into the space s/he will know for years to come, in a loving environment free of beeping machines and chaos.

    As you hold the title of Pregnancy Expert, I HIGHLY recommend you watch the documentary “The Business of Being Born”. It was made by Ricki Lake, and it covers all sorts of awesome things about different birthing options. They put out a second documentary as a follow-up, which includes Gisele Bundchen, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford. Very hip!

  3. Janie456 – I HIGHLY recommend you go do some research in an actual hospital. Interview a mother who has lost a child that could have been saved if delivered at a hospital. I have to agree with Rosie 110% on the home births. You truly dont know what risk your taking by not being in a hospital when delivering your child. You dont have to have medical intervention, you dont have to have a baby any other way than how you want to have it. The only way a Dr wants you to have a baby is the healthy way and whats best for the baby. Im a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit nurse and have witnessed very sad and horrible things that even delivering in a hospital couldnt change. Our nurses and Doctors have saved several babies in very short notice of a problem. These Midwives may be nurses but they arent a medical team that is needed if something does go wrong at or after delivery – this goes way beyond giving some oxygen. Home births are a nice thought, and im sure most go smoothly and as planned, but how could you ever forgive yourself if something happened to your baby that resulted in something life changing that could have been easily treated at a hospital. Who cares if they are “very hip” its just not an educated thing to do.

    Rosie… Please continue to call yourself a pregnancy Expert! You are helping educate moms everywhere! Love your show!

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