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The First Lady’s Most Important Role

Politics can be fascinating and exciting but they can also be full of tension, accusation hurling and stress for many families, especially when there is disagreement within a household on which candidate is most suitable for office.  I do think it is important to share with our children the healthy debates politics can inspire.  Be honest and proud of your values and express the importance of the vote.

Regardless of your particular preference for president and despite all of the heated debates, accusations and slander that have been hurled around in the last few elections, I want to focus on something positive in this year’s election.  Let’s rejoice for a moment in the fact that both Barack and Mitt (yep I like to call them by their first names, seems more friendly!), have married women who seem to be amazing wives and absolutely incredible mothers.  Each woman has made different choices,  from working to being a stay at home mom, but each has managed to juggle a lot and, at the end of the day, has prioritized what is most important to them: their children.

In fact, both have stressed their dedication to children beyond just their own, assuring us of their passion for the betterment of our nation’s youth.  Michelle Obama has used her position as First Lady to work to improve the lives of families of military veterans, and has also dedicated herself to the Let’s Move Campaign, a movement focused on getting kids to exercise and eat healthier.  If Ann Romney becomes First Lady, she has said she hopes to work with at-risk youth, with a focus on helping children live to their full potential.

As a child advocate I feel confident that whichever candidate wins this race, they will enter the White House with a wife and team member who puts children first and who will have a great influence over helping their husband focus on this as well.   These are powerful woman and great moms and I think will both go a long way to helping the children in this country and to setting strong role models for women and mothers everywhere.  So in all the arguing and heated debate take a moment to remember these two strong mothers are both people to be inspired by.

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  1. Very well said Rosie, I agree both are amazing role models for our youth.I live in Canada but find american government facinating! I have always kept up with the presidential campaigns!!
    I love America!!!!

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