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I’m Giving Up Food

So there is no denying it, I am officially addicted to sugar.  I love it, I love anything made with it — chocolate, jelly beans, cookies — I love the way it looks, and I just love it.  The whole office is addicted.  I’m  sitting at the airport waiting on my flight and everywhere I look is sugar.

Every day I tell myself, not today, Sweet Chops, today you are going to skip dessert and just have wholesome foods.  Well, my lovelies, this goes just dandy until dinner is over and I get that sugar urge.  Maybe I need to adopt the Oprah approach and have my fridge padlocked, or maybe I just need to adopt some self-control, or maybe, just maybe, I should adopt my Nana’s answer to this problem…

Hmmm, I can tell I have piqued your interest!  Well, when my dear Nana (who passed last year) was about 70, she announced when that she was no longer going to eat “food”, as she put it, anymore!  Let me just preface this by saying that my Nana had always been overweight.  Standing at just over 5 feet tall, she would often flap her “bat wings” (her abundant triceps, for the uninitiated) for all to see.  Goodness, I loved my Nana; I mean who else would use bat wing flapping as a party trick?

When she made this no-food announcement, she qualified it with: “I know why I’m fat.  Everyone [by this she meant society] has been making me eat food, meat, vegetables, pasta before I can get to what I really want to eat and that is dessert.  So from now on, I’m skipping the food portion and just eating dessert…cakes, chocolate, ice cream”.  And that, my dears, is exactly what she did…dessert for every meal.

I suppose you could categorize this as some interesting form of the Atkins diet, as chocolate is after all mainly protein and fat.  Let me tell you, my Nana got so skinny on this new diet, skinner than she had ever been and she did so laughing all the way to the candy store!  I kid you not, this is the lady who ate three courses of chocolate at my wedding, who thought Baileys was chocolate milk and a box of chocolates (variety, of course) was a balanced meal.

I am beginning to think she was on to something.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll give up food!  Okay then again, probably not the best example to set for my kids, so I’ll brave another day eating that food stuff before I get to the good stuff!

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  1. Chocolate-covered cherries MUST be a fruit, and therefore healthy. Right? RIGHT!!??

  2. I must say, Your Nana was is a very smart women. -Carrie

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