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It’s A Girl!

I have to firstly start this off by saying we weren’t ‘trying’ for a girl. Somehow after 2 boys everyone thinks I was desperate for some estrogen in the house but having truly healthy and happy children was my only goal for our growing family.

I have to admit though, now that I know this wee one growing inside of me is a little girl I couldn’t be more excited and I have to admit a little (or maybe a lot) nervous! I’m trying not to become a total loony tune about it but those thoughts of “I wonder whether she’ll wear my wedding dress” have crossed my mind. Of course I am far too sensible to think she isn’t going to look at it in 20 something years from now or so and say “Mom are you out of your mind” but it doesn’t stop me from getting sentimental about the things I never thought I would.

One of the great joys about a growing family is to think of not only my relationship with my kids but theirs with each other. My two boys are now going to be big brothers to a little sister and I just can’t stop thinking of all the memories we are going to make together. Being a girl growing up wasn’t the easiest thing in the world for me and so I naturally have anxiety about my little girl and want to make sure she’s full of confidence and love for herself in a world that can often be so harsh. I want her to grow up with a sense of love and respect for herself as well as for others. Ahhh, see off I go again I just can’t seem to help it.

I know I’m not the only person that has kept her pregnancy test. When I did the event with Clearblue a few weeks ago, many of you shared stories of keeping your tests with me on Twitter and Facebook ;) But I am still so in shock about this pregnancy that I still have my Clearblue Easy pregnancy test sitting on my side of our bathroom cabinet (somehow I don’t think my hubby would appreciate it shoved in with his deodorant and cologne!). I have to admit I check it each morning to see if that positive pregnancy result is still in the window and it brings a smile to my face and now when I smile I think of a little girl.

I know it’s a tad (or a lot) odd but I don’t care! I still have the pregnancy test but after all our pregnancy struggles to think we are actually going to have a third baby brings me to tears of joy and I am reminded once again what a blessing children are and why I do what I do is so important to me. I simply can’t wait to introduce Mini Miss Pope to the world!

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  1. Congratulations again Rosie! Thank you for sharing your experience with us, your genuineness shows through everything you do!

  2. Hello Rosie, I’m from Brazil and I see your show every friday! I can not wait to get pregnant and go to New York, to shop at your store :o ) It’s a girl, great! Thanks for telling your experiences. Cheers

  3. Rosie! I’m so happy for you! You really deserve a great family!
    I’m just 16 now, but when I grow up, I wanna work in something related to maternity and pregnancy, as you! The problem is that in my country (Chile) this kind of work it’s not very good, because I won’t earn a lot of money. Anyway, when I get pregnant, I hope I can go to NY and buy some clothes on your store and know you! That’s my dream!
    I really admire you and I laugh a lot when I see your show! You’re beautiful, intelligent, symphatetic, elegant and nice.

    Sorry, my English is not good enough, but I’m working hard to improve it!
    Wish you the best!

  4. Congratulations Rosie! I love following your posts and adding a girl to your family is so exciting!
    Little girls are such a joy; I have one myself! They’re also my favourite to photograph!
    P.S. You don’t happen to need a photographer to capture your little bundle of joy do you?

  5. Congratulations! I am pregnant with my first child (also a girl) and thought I was the only one that saved the pregnancy test! My husband and I are taking one of your classes next month and are very excited! I hope that you have an easy pregnancy and feel good!

  6. elizajo8 Congratulations! Let me know how you like your MomPrep class.

  7. hello rosie, im nijah from the bronx and i want to say im so happy for you. I can’t be more excitied for you and your family. I am a mother of an amazing little girl named madison. You have been a women that I have followed for so long. I know that this time in your life well be amazing time. I pray that god blesses you and your family and your pregnancy goes very well. ps. I would liketo know if your store is hiring. thank you, and cant wait to see your new season of your show!

  8. Thank you so much. I believe the store is hiring, please give them a call 212-608-2036

  9. Congratulations! How am I just reading about this? That’s very exciting. I too had two boys before I had our last baby, a little girl. I too was just praying for a healthy baby, but lots of people were hoping for a girl (mainly OUR parents who had yet to have a granddaughter). I have to say that it has been such a blessing… watch our two tough guys fall in love with a little angel in their midst, to watch my husband melt whenever she reaches for him or buries her head on his chest…’s very special. She came out of the womb a true “girly girl” – who loves accessories, and “matching” and princesses and tea parties and sleepovers, things that had not even crossed our threshold until that little girl arrived into our family. What’s great about a little girl last is that she can be frilly and girly, but then she’s got an inate toughness and tolerance of “boyish things”, like dirt and trains and snakes and burping. She’s just remarkable….I know you’ll see that dynamic as well, and wonder what you ever did without her. Congratulations again! -Carrie

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