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The Making Of: Lucky You


It all started with the notion that you can never have too many good luck charms.  We started drafting up ideas for ways to incorporate this sentiment into our line.  Starting with the lining of our diaper bags, we started to fill them up with sketches of every charm we could fathom. Pennies (heads up of course), horseshoes, four leaf clovers, and lucky 7’s all made it into the mix.  We wanted to add some things you can wish on too.  Dandelions, with the petals blowing, and wishbones, where you always get the larger half, are depicted alongside the lucky charms.  Once finished, we considered our job complete. Even if you forget your lucky charm at home, you will still have them in the bag. We were ecstatic about the diaper bags, but something felt amiss.  Everyday entering the office, we were struck with how great all the sketches looked on their own.  This is when we decided to not only let you carry your lucky charms in the bag, but also wear them too.  The first edition of our Charmed Print Collection is our Wishbone Print.  A nod to all the wishes you may have while expecting.  I hope you enjoy this print collection as it evolves.  It is my way of wishing all of you the best of luck, whether you are trying to conceive, expecting, or already a mom.

With all the talk of luck around the office, we thought we would let you try to WIN our shirtdress in the wishbone print. Enter for a chance to win this dress over on Facebook!


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  1. This is a lovely story about your fabulous lucky dress :)

  2. Truly the perfect print! I am so lucky to have my baby girl on the way and this print describes exactly how I feel every single day!!

  3. Love this concept and Love the dress!

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