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MomPrep on YouTube


Rosie Pope YouTube ChannelOne of my goals for the months ahead is to bring MomPrep to as many parents and parents–to-be as possible.  I have the privilege to work with so many amazing experts helping me to provide my clients with the education and support they want in the months leading up to having a baby.  From Rosalie Hunt, the labor and delivery nurse who helped deliver my youngest son, to Andrea Orbeck, the supermodels’ secret weapon in getting their pre-baby bodies back.   I want their invaluable tips to be available to all.

Becoming and being a parent is not easy and I believe in the notion that the more education on the topic you have and the more knowledge you can gain, the more confidence you will have to be able to enjoy your new child and your newfound responsibility. Mothers today may not have a tribe anymore, but we do have MomPrep.

So, if you don’t live near one of my MomPrep studios, then be sure to check out the new Rosie Pope YouTube channel to gain a few quick tips and feel far more confident. Here are our first MomPrep Expert videos:

  1. Infant Care 101 with Rosalie Hunt, RN. Learn how to bathe, diaper and swaddle your new wee one.
  2. Personalized Nursery Storage Solution with James Stanley Interior Designer.  He will show you how to turn an simple bookcase into a great cubby for your child’s room.
  3. 3 Videos With Andrea Orbeck, Pregnancy Fitness Expert. She will teach you great exercises for before and after your pregnancy, with safe modifications for during your pregnancy.
    1. Tighten Your Tush and Sculpt Your Arms
    2. Goodbye to Abs 
    3. Big Belly Doesn’t Mean Bad Back 

I’d love your feedback and would also love to know what else you want to learn!

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  1. Rosie, I feel like I can’t get enough info on raising a child with food allergies. From birth it’s been such a struggle having a child, now 5, with severe allergies to eggs and nuts. I’ve been battling with trial and error ever since. I feel like these allergies were a main reason we struggled with breast feeding. Now pregnant with my 2nd I would love to know more about keeping the allergy under control in hopes that it may go away.

  2. Rosie! You are my idol! I am 22 years old & every time some one ask me what I want to do with my career, I say, I want to be Rosie Pope! Yes, some people are very confused but this answer but when I begin to tell them all the amazing things you do, every one of them say “wow, that is defiantly some thing for you Catie!’ I have been working with children since babysitting at age 13. Instead of telling people I do babysitting, I tell them I am a moms life saver! I would give anything to have the chance to meet you or even work for you!!!! I love you! & your are beautiful!!

  3. Rosie, I can’t agree with MandersAustin more. I was diagnosed with Celiac’s Syndrome 6 years ago. I run 2 marathons per year, and post-diagnosis had to work with a dietician to make sure I was eating properly during training seasons. There is very little information out there for athletes with food allergies. There is even less for athletes with food allergies who get pregnant! I’m 15 weeks along and meals can be overwhelming. The worst part is the polarizing nature of food allergies. Celiac’s is diagnosed by a colon biopsy, and I refuse to do anything that invasive to my child until they have matured a bit (we are aiming for 5 years old). The chances are very high, well over 70%, that my children will have Celiac’s so for their first 5 years of life I plan to raise them gluten-free to prevent the long-term colon damage that I have. (Celiac sufferers may not be aware that they have the condition until the internal damage manifests itself in visible ways, which is why very few of us are diagnosed before our mid-20′s). My husband is wonderfully supportive, but you can imagine what my in-laws and friends think of this. In their eyes, it’s just cruel to deprive a kid of animal crackers. In my eyes, it’s cruel for these adults to openly say to my face that they wouldn’t want me for a mom. I guess I want to learn how to be a good mom, and how to deal with the polarizing nature of special diets with a stiff upper lip.

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