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Pregnant In Heels Episode 8 – Feelings

As I crack open yet another Diet Coke and sit in my window seat staring out to the clouds on my flight home back from a press tour and a blogging conference (SheCon) in Miami, slightly (okay, very) annoyed that the lady in the unitard sitting next to me is hogging both elbow rests so typing is almost impossible, I am starting to reflect over the last eight weeks of Pregnant in Heels on Bravo.

Eight weeks ago, very few people knew who I was.  Though, let’s face it, after eight weeks on the air I am not exactly equal to the President in my notoriety or importance to the country (don’t worry, reality TV didn’t go to my head — I am not now a completely narcissistic looney tune requesting only orchids and gold M&M’s  everywhere I go).  Even though I may not have soared to the roof single-name starlet after the past eight weeks, it is certainly safe to say that far more people now know a little more about me, Rosie Pope Maternity and MomPrep.  I mean, I was spoofed on Saturday Night Live after all, certainly one of the greatest honors of my career! So I suppose in some way I have snuck into the zeitgeist of pop culture and become worthy of discussion.

However, what I do on Pregnant in Heels is only a small snippet of what we do as a company.  Underneath it all, the company is about helping people be great parents, preparing, celebrating and ultimately figuring it all out (of course this is something I’m still doing, but then again maybe that is why I am so good at helping other people do it).

People keep asking me what it feels like now that the showed has aired.  For those that know me, “feels” is not a word that makes me very comfortable.   It “feels” insanely personal and while I am totally okay with sharing the personal portions (I mean, really, I put my life on TV after all), I am always just so terrible at responding to the question and end up diving into some deep (probably far too deep) explanation of my inner psyche and all that I have felt over the last decade.  Not exactly what I think they wanted to hear!  But even if I can’t quite explain how it all feels, I can tell you two very real things about my experience:

  1. I have really enjoyed the experience and hope this is only the beginning.
  2. I have been truly overwhelmed with how lovely people are.

I have had the great fortune to travel to different parts of America during the airing of the show but even just walking the streets of Manhattan, I have had the privilege to meet the men and women who love our show and I am truly humbled not only by how nice and supportive they each are, but also by the stories they share with me.  Just yesterday, a lady approached me to ask how I achieve a work life balance, how I do it all and to thank me for being a positive role model for parents and motherhood.  She then went on to tell me her husband is a wounded veteran and she gets up every day at 1:30 a.m. to go to work and support her family.

Her story, like so many others that are shared with me, is so amazing.  She is a true inspiration to not only me, but to her children as well, and truly a positive role model for parents and motherhood.  It is moments like these that make me want to never stop trying to create a place of support, guidance and celebration for parents and parents-to-be.   So in being able to tell some of my story and in turn hear some of yours, I am humbled by what an amazing group of supporters and fans I have.  You truly are a strong and amazing bunch!

It makes me so very glad that all those years ago I decided to make America my home.    It is not always so easy to say that you’ve made the right choice in life, but I certainly can and I think that is something to be proud of!

Okay, so I feel like I just wrote a graduation speech for a college but I actually feel rather moved by the whole thing….who knew reality TV could end up feeling so deep?!

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  1. I personally LIKED your graduation speech thank you very much. Just push that lady’s elbows over and see what happens ;-) I SO much enjoyed the show and I hope you do it again for another season. Congrats on ur little one! And I think both you and Lawrence are HILLARIOUS. Oh, and hi, I’m Ronit. It’s nice to meet you :-)

  2. Just had to say how much I LOVE your show. I just delivered our second baby (a baby girl this time!) nearly 2 weeks ago after struggling for nearly 18 months to get pregnant. When I watched the episode that you found out you were pregnant I burst into tears (some of that may have been a little postpartum hormones :) but in any case I was so happy for you, especially after your struggle with infertility. I can’t wait for the next season, and congratulations on your (big) little miracle!! Lyndsay

  3. Rosie, I am happy to have gotten the privilege to glance into your empire (your life). I can only imagine how personal ir must feel to have thousands of strangers know intimate details of your life. But 8 weeks ago some new mother discovered that her Stiletto’s were dangerous to a child, seriously though, I really believe that you helped not only the rich and famous but by letting us everyday people peek at what you teach others, we have in turned learned also. You should be, have every right to be proud. Thank you, also for sharing your miracle with us, that was so special, Wells will have quite a story to tell one day. I really hope we will see you again next season. By then, I hope we will have our daughter (we are foster adopting). Enjoy your homecoming. Sincerely, Julianne (The Doula- who calls herself “The Servant to pregnant &laboring new Mommies and Daddies)

  4. Rosie, I have enjoyed your show and I think you are a saint for what you do and for letting millions of people into your personal life. I do have some questions though you only helped one normal or somewhat normal working class person this whole season. Why do you only help the rich million dollar moms who are more than likely going to hire nannies to take care of there kids. Is it because they are so out of touch with reality that they need a little more help? Because to be honest I have not been able to relate to one person on the show this season. I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful 12 month old daughter with twins on the way who’s husband is a hard working class guy. So why don’t we see more of the average working class family on your show. Not that I don’t love your show I do but I think people would be able to connect even better if you threw in a couple of your basic working class people starting a family not just million dollar moms having a hard time giving up there stilletos. Once again thanks for all you do you are a truly lovely person.

  5. I have enjoyed the show a lot but have to admit feeling a little bit like the first commenter, shaz980. I do at times find it hard to relate to these women who don’t know how to cook, clean, or change a diaper, and assume they will have at least a daytime nanny, if not a live-in one. However, when I look at all Rosie actually DOES for these people…! It’s amazing. She becomes their pregnancy expert, fashion mogul, personal assistant, interior designer, life coach, personal trainer, teacher…you name it, she does it. She really helps them confront what their inadequacies as a parent might be and tackle them. And that leads to the question: who in the world could afford this type of service unless she is very well-to-do? Because the amount of time and resources Rosie uses for each and every pregnant woman/family is amazing. I would love to see maybe Bravo sponsor some more regular women, and have Rosie go into some more ‘normal’ working-class families or single moms. Perhaps Bravo could work this out with Rosie so that she still receives compensation for her time and effort…but we get to see Rosie relate to more normal moms. I LOVE what Rosie does…I think she is amazing in her perceptivity, her emotional strength and her ability to relate to others and get straight to the heart of their problems, and prepare them for parenthood. I can’t say how awesome I think Rosie is. However, I do think it would be fun and perhaps change things up a bit and be more interesting if there were some more normal women on the show. This country is so diverse! I am married but in many ways, parenting as a single woman with a husband living elsewhere for a job. I have a bachelor’s degreee from a college that did not end up helping me in the current economy. I am in school (again) for nursing, working as a CNA, and have a young child. So I know what it’s like to struggle as a working mother to a young child, and many days I feel single. I think my point is just that there are so many moms across this country that could really use Rosie’s expertise, and it would be very interesting, if Bravo could arrange some different areas and types of women. Whatever the case…love the show, and will keep watching! I’m happy for Rosie and her family about the new addition. God Bless them!

  6. Dear Rosie, Please bring back more floral maxi mini dresses! I just tried to order one, but all the sizes are sold out. I’m pregnant and would LOVE one for the summer! Can I contact someone to order one? Thank you, love what you do to help moms/dads on your show and can’t wait to watch season 2. Best wishes to your family!

  7. Dear Rosie, You are truly an inspiration. I took ill foru years ago and almost lost my life a couple of times. After three failed surgeries I had to endure the most terrifying experience in my life at such a young age. A partial hysterectomy…. I lost my husband and stepson because he could not “deal” with my sudden illness, therefore he filed for divorce. Four years later i am a stronger women and I owe some thanks to you. Pregnant in Heels has given me hope to accomplish what I so desire. A man who loves me for who I am and someday having a child of my own. Whether it is an adoption or through surrogacy, I wouold be most grateful. I am a Early Childhood Special Education Teacher in Rhode Island as well as a nurse. I have bought three of the romantic tops. Two of the swiss dot and the silk. They make me feel beautiful. I will be ordering the floral shirtdress in “apricot” for a bridal shower. You are beautiful women in and out. I will continue to watch and heal at the same time. Thank you P.S. I read that you might be coming out with a skincare line…Fabulous! Your skin resembles. Fair complected, yet natural. What do you use now? How about makeup? Best Wishes to you and your family! :-) Natalie

  8. Dear Rosie, I just wanted to correct the spelling of the word “four” :-) Natalie

  9. Hi Rosie, Great post and I LOVE your show! I’m 20 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I have learned more from watching your show than all the books I’ve read. Don’t worry, I won’t stop reading the books, but I love watching you help other moms (moms-to-be) get ready for baby. I even give the Mommy IQ test to my husband now and then so he is learning to! :) I truly enjoy and look forward to Pregnant in Heels ever week! It is such a fun and insightful hour. AND, congratulations on conceiving and I wish you a wonderful and healthy pregnancy! – Kelly

  10. First, congratulations on your new little boy!!! I wish you all the best. Your show has been such an inspiration for me and I am sure other mothers who’ve watched. I am the proud mother of 3 young children whom I adore. Seeing how you have juggled motherhood and working so hard on all that you do, I have wondered if I would be able to do the same with such finesse. Since i’ve been watching your show, I feel less stressed throughout my day. I am really enjoying motherhood more than ever. I am even planning to join an organization of people who support and counsel women with high risk pregnancies and pre-mature babies, as I have been through both. And who knows, maybe a 4th could be in my future. Thank you for all that you do. I wish I knew of you the past 3 times I was pregnant. Best, Ingrid

  11. OK Rosie……so we moved and have no TV!!!!! so I could not watch the last episode but reading the comments it looks like congrats are due to you and your hubby for the new baby news?!? Let me know if you want me to fly to you to be your Postpartum doula:) Your friend in the postpartum/mommy dept. Lynn CPD from VA

    Postpartum doulaMay 26, 2011 @ 10:49 pm
  12. Rosie, I liked your show at first, but I just turned off the season finale and won’t be watching anymore. It’s very hard to watch you be so insulting and condescending to these expectant parents who are reaching out for your help. I suspect that you were not an expert before you had your child. I think no parent is fully prepared for the reality of a baby, no matter how many books you’ve read or other babies you’ve taken care of for family or friends. Yet you talk down to these people like they are worthless idiots if they’ve never changed a diaper, or haven’t babyproofed 100% immediately after conception. There is so much time to learn all the things you need to know…and since every baby is unique, they are also very important teachers…..actually they run the whole show and we are here to love them and keep them safe. I feel very badly that these couples feel they need to pay you to come in, mock their inexperience, and basically imply they don’t deserve a baby because they don’t know what they’re in for. I hope that Bravo cancels this mean-spirited show and you can do your job quietly, without an audience watch your judgemental work with clients.

  13. And some advice for you, Diet Coke has aspartame and tons of other chemicals…not the best prenatal beverage choice.

  14. Dear Rosie, I just wanted to let you know how much I admire both your designs and your commitment to helping people become good parents. I have a son who is three and a daughter on the way (I’m at 35 weeks currently) and daytime reruns on Pregnant In Heels have become my favorite thing to watch while I’m on bedrest. I greatly admire the way you are helping families, teaching them skills and common sense approaches to dealing with the new additions to their family. You are so patient and compassionate even when clients are spoiled or unrealistic in their expectations of motherhood. The women and men who have your help in preparing for their babies are more blessed than they will ever know. Keep doing what you’re doing because you are not only making a place for yourself in the world…you are making a huge difference in the lives of each family you touch both in person and through your show. -Amanda

    ShutterbugMandyMay 27, 2011 @ 1:47 pm
  15. Rosie-your show is wonderful! Everyone is excited about the possibilities of future seasons and we have all learned so much from you. You are an inspiration to moms and your take charge attitude is encouraging! Please ignore that comment from the disgruntled viewer. By the way, I would like to add my husband is a MD and Diet Coke in moderation is fine during pregnancy so you enjoy! Keep up the good work-we love your show.

  16. Rosie – Love your show!! It’s definitely entertaining and very informative. I’m not a mother yet…as my husband and I just got married…but hope to be soon. I love the approach you have taken with your business. It’s a unique way to attend to expecting mothers with fashion, education, understanding, compassion and most of all…making them feel beautiful as they are and looking fierce in heels! I look forward to seeing more seasons in the future!

  17. As an expectant first time mom, I have thoroughly enjoyed season one and can’t wait for more. I think that even though most of your viewers are ‘regular’ moms watching the glam ‘pregnant in heels’ moms, it is interesting to see that no matter the income level, as parents we all have the same basic concerns. And in those areas where I differ from the moms on the show, I find it interesting to watch how their lives are and how they approach their new arrival and raising a family. I think some who may criticize your style aren’t understanding that you take a ‘tough love’ approach and you don’t coddle your clients. at the end of the day, clients hug you and are grateful, so obviously your style of teaching/mentoring worked for them! Just wanted you to know many of us ‘get’ why you tackle each client’s issue in the way you do and we see it comes from a place of compassion and solving the problem at hand. I have personally learned a lot as I expect bambino number one. Looking forward to next season. All the best!

  18. Rosie, I love your show! It is truly an inspiration to see you juggle your career and family life so beautifully. I wish Pregnant in Heels had been on when I was pregnant with my first child. I just gave birth to our second son 5 weeks ago, and I understand how hard it is to juggle a busy career as I am a full time legal assistant and also a part-time law student. I am striving to be the best mommy I can be for my boys and hope that they will one day be proud to call me mom. I hope Pregnant in Heels has many more seasons, and I hope your family continues to be blessed. We look forward to “meeting” your new little man! I say “we” because my husband loves your show too…he actually got me into it!

  19. Will there be a second season of your show? I hope your second pregnancy is goint well!

  20. Fingers crossed for a season 2. – Rosie Pope

  21. Rosie, I LOVED Pregnant in Heels. I watched the whole season this past Spring while my husband and I were trying to get pregnant. What touched me the most was how open and happy you were for other women who were pregnant when you and your husband were struggling to get their yourselves. It was inspirational to me as I was having a smaller but similar struggle in my own life that my frustration with my own situation doesn’t have to damper my happiness for close friends who are pregnant. So thank you for being so honest and open about your life! I will return frequently to this site for helpful tips because now I am pregnant!!! God Bless You and your precious family, Stephanie

  22. I just discovered your show and managed to watch the entire first season during a week of particularly bad morning sickness spent on my sofa. I truly hope there is a season 2 to follow, as someone expecting my first child I find your show sheds a particularly humorous light on the whole pregnancy journey which I can certainly appreciate right now. Thank you!

    stepher.campbellAugust 2, 2011 @ 7:46 pm

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