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Pumpkin Pants or Toddler I just Can’t Decide

You might be wondering why I seem to move amongst referring to my kids by their names to using their nicknames to simply trotting out the generic old “baby” and “toddler”. You might even be wondering just who is this Pumpkin Pants anyway and why won’t this lady be more consistent? Well, I apologize, but in all honestly I am struggling with the conflicting feelings that I need to be honest and open about my life as a mother, designer, concierge and reality TV star (still can’t quite believe that one!) but at the same time I want to protect my children’s privacy.

As you may have guessed by now I am pretty neurotic so I can analyze something into complete oblivion and sure enough I am doing the same over this privacy thing today! I know this is something bloggers, celebrities and people in the public eye struggle with a lot, and by and large the simple answer is to not discuss your kids at all.

The problem with that approach is that being parents and having children is so much a part of my life that to not discuss it would render massive important chunks of my day/lives out of the discussion. What is more, by nature of the fact that my entire life is about pregnancy and parenting, it seems completely insane that I wouldn’t offer some personal anecdote, particularly since I draw most of my experience from my children and you all need to know that. So I am left again totally confused about how much I share and how much I keep private – it is a work in progress!

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