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Smelling the Gravy

As life gets busier and busier I have found myself becoming schedule obsessed. Schedules for my kids, schedules for myself, if I could I would try and do schedules for pretty much anyone in my life so I can make sure everything gets done.  But then I might put aside so much time for schedule creation on my schedule that there may be little time for anything else!

I have schedules on my blackberry, on chalkboards, taped to the kitchen cupboards and obviously on my mind ALL the time.  As I lay in bed thinking last night, not about going to therapy for my scheduling issues as I should have been, but about all the ideas I have for Rosie Pope Maternity, MomPrep, Pregnant in Heels and my concierge business, I found myself reaching for my blackberry to send an email to my assistant to ask her to schedule some time for me to think about these things.  I was actually going to schedule some time to think!
It was at this moment that I decided things may have gone too far.  I say may because I’m clearly a schedule addict and not sure I’m ready to quit-there are very few things you see that keep me from breaking down in tears every day at the shear enormity of it all and I think schedules may be one of those things! Whatever happened to being creative and letting my mind wander to new and wonderful places?  I think what happened is the anxiety of how that idea then gets translated into reality had gotten the best of me!

Then, this morning as I was wrestling with my toddler’s leg to get his cords on while trying to feed my babe and mentally picking out an outfit for today’s meeting; while at the same time my hubby jokingly made some reference to my hormones.  At that moment my toddler started to laugh, then my babe started to giggle and soon we were all laughing.  It is in these moments that I am reminded why I do what I do and I know I’m one lucky lady.  So if things get crazy today (and believe me if you live in NY they will because the UN is in full force and traffic has gone to hell in a hand basket), try and diffuse the anger and the frustration with laughter.

And if making a schedule makes you feel better then schedule away my dears, just make sure to leave some time in that schedule to take a moment and smell the roses.  Or as someone special once said to me “Don’t keep looking for it because you’ve already found the gravy, so take time and smell it”.

A little clunky perhaps but I like it!

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