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Thank you Doesn’t Even Begin to Describe How Thankful I Am

I know we all have those weeks every now and then when it feels like the world is against us.  Doors are shut in our face both literally and figuratively and it feels a little like no matter what we do or how hard we try things just aren’t going to turn around.

Well, my lovelies I certainly had one of those weeks last week until I journeyed to Birmingham, Alabama to help celebrate the opening of Brookwood Women’s Medical Center.  I had the great privilege to meet some 250 woman who wanted to be part of the Brookwood celebrations and to ask me literally anything, and I mean anything about the world of reality TV, being a mom, running a business, maternity style, infertility, sex (oh yes I really did mean anything).

Rosie at Brookwood Medical Center Event

What so humbled me was that I met so many women that support and are thankful for what I’m doing and in return I couldn’t be more thankful to them for reminding me of my purpose and giving me the encouragement continue and do even more.  I know my company primarily focuses on pregnancy education and fashion at the moment but I truly believe this is only the beginning.  What we are here for is to support moms in every way and pregnancy is clearly the beginning.

So thank you Brookwood Medical Center for reminding me why I do what I do.  When I got back from the trip I burst through my front door only to be greeted by the beautiful smiles of my boys and I fell onto the couch, looked down at my pregnant belly and thought to myself, I feel like the luckiest woman alive.

So now you can see why thank you just doesn’t seem like a big enough word to truly describe how thankful I am.   It sort of seems amazingly apt that thanksgiving is just around the corner to remind me what’s really important and all the things I should be thankful for.  Perhaps we need a bi-weekly thanksgiving just  to help us keep the right perspective.  Although, even for me that would involve too much pumpkin pie!

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  1. It is so nice to read your comments about your experience with Brookwood this week. We all felt the same way about meeting you, and being a part of this great community of women and education. Thank you for blessing the event with your “Rosie” outlook, and creating a real stand-out moment for our mutual client, Brookwood Medical Center. I won’t soon forget your impact. Phyllis Neill

  2. Hope Brookwood has changed a lot of things! Last year I delivered my first baby. I was going to use Brookwood until I took the tour…they were all about well we can’t do this or that because of “liablity issues” – you can’t let my me have a support person while I have my epidural because of “liability” – STUPID! I called their administration trying to see who to talk to about the issue and everyone I talked to had no idea who did what around there. I change doctors and hospitals! I’m so happy I did too!!!! If I have another baby…I won’t be choosing Brookwood Medical Center for that one either! I don’t care how pretty they paint it.

  3. I had the opportunity not only to attend the Rosie Pope event but to also have my baby at Brookwood Medical Center.  I want to thank Brookwood for having what I consider to be a very unique perspective regarding women’s healthcare.  Brookwood supports women at every stage of their lives.  This is evident through the programming they offer through the women’s medical center.  I have attended classes offered by Brookwood on topics that range from prenatal care to postpartum depression and from breast cancer to menopause.  This is a hospital that not only wants to provide women with the health care they need through every stage of their life but they also want to educate and help us advocate for ourselves and our loved ones.  I have to stay they took  great care of me during my pregnancy and through the very emotional experience of giving birth to a premature baby.  I know that every women’s experience is different but Brookwood Medical Center met needs I did not even anticipate having during childbirth.   I am excited about their new hospital, continued commitment to women’s healthcare and I look forward to having my next baby at Brookwood Medical Center.

  4. Oh, boy… if only I could have had *both* my births at Brookwood. Two boys and two very different experiences. And if only I’d had Rosie Pope in the room, reminding me that motherhood is…also.. fabulous. I so enjoyed listening and learning, asking and celebrating. Thank YOU, Rosie, Pope, for treating us to an evening full of your insight. And thanks to Broodwood Medical Center, for empowering women at ALL stages of life. Cheers!

  5. p.s. – @ryan014: I’m sad to hear you about your Brookwood experience. For me, it was more than I could hope for. My doula even said it was the best birth experience (for mommy and baby) that she’d ever witnessed. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a committed and compassionate birth team, willing to work with a woman who knows what she wants. I don’t plan to have another baby, but if I did – I’d deliver at Brookwood.

  6. Hi Rosie I’m Romina from Argentina. Do not speak English but I am using an internet translator. I follow your program a few months ago because I tenecidad inspires you in finding your second child. I am also a mom and in April I lost my second child at 15 days of the date of delivery by a problem of blood clotting. Although it was the worst moment of my life, helped me learn a lot and have patience. Today I entenré I’m pregnant again and can not believe it. These months watching your show and give me strength to see you fight for your desire. I thank you wholeheartedly. affection

  7. MagicCity_Mama I am so happy you had a good delivery experience. I wish every woman out there could say the same. I have PCOS and the anxiety caused by the imbalance in hormones is more than you can possibly imagine. It was more than just pregnancy jitters. This was a clinically diagnosed issue and Brookwood would not work with me at all. I had one request and they couldn’t fullfill that need. I found the perfect doctor and he was able to provide the best care for me and my baby. In the end, that’s all that matters.

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