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Mommy Maven: Thanksgiving Traditions

Creating traditions with my family as well as embracing those from both Daron and from my family is one of the things I love so dearly about the holidays. It is so remarkable to me how many different holiday traditions there are and I absolutely love to hear about other people’s. Sometimes I get a little carried away of dreaming up new creative ones that might be able to stay in our family for generations to come. In our house football is a huge part of the thanksgiving experience as my father-in-law is an NFL coach. But I also like to bring in a little of my heritage with crackers before dinner (and I don’t mean the crunchy kind)! Good traditions bring a feeling of comfort, even safety and bring the family together for those joint experiences we simply don’t get to do enough.

I would love to hear your holiday traditions and to share with you some of those from the RPM ladies in our new HQ in downtown NYC.

Take it away girls….

“Bright and early on Thanksgiving morning my entire family (all 13 of us) participate in our town’s Turkey Trot. It’s 3 miles of fun!”

“Thanksgiving traditions start by fighting traffic the day before to get to Ohio. On Thanksgiving morning we run the Turkey Trot and then head to my grandmother’s house. The two guarantees are: everyone eats too much and everyone cheers for the Cowboys.”

“I am always mixing it up on Thanksgiving.  Last year I was playing flag football with my little cousins on the Mall in my hometown of DC followed by a traditional Thanksgiving feast and this year I will checking out the holiday windows on Madison & 5th Ave then dining with my mother at Cipriani at the Sherry-Netherland!”

“Every year, my husband and I go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It started when we were in law school, and continued through our engagement, 1st year of marriage, birth of our son, William. Last year, we added his little sister Poppy to the mix. We always end the day with a huge meal with our favorite Canadian friend, Uncle Dan, and lots of wine and toasts to what we’re all thankful for. Always a wonderful day!”

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