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The Expert Questionnaire: Village Obstetrics

I’ve put together a list of questions that I’ve asked each of my experts to answer.  You can read the Parenthood Psychology Practice responses here.  Now I’ve put the questions to the MomPrep experts at Village Obstetrics, Drs. Worth & Mussalli.  They’ve got some fabulous responses, especially the last one – I couldn’t agree more that we work in the best field in the world!

1)          What’s your best advice for Moms in 10 words or less?

Trust your body — let it happen — you are amazing.

2)          What’s the number one thing you get asked? What’s your answer?

Question:  How can I avoid an unnecessary cesarean section?

Answer:   Listen to your body. Pick the right caregiver. Stay home in early labor with your doula until your labor pains are so strong they take your breath away. Stay mobile and active as long as possible. Delay your epidural as long as possible. But remember that for some moms the epidural is the critical tool that helps finish the labor and give birth naturally so don’t underestimate its power.  Always keep an open mind in labor.

3)            What’s the number one thing you wished you were asked and why?

Question:  Do I need a doula?

Answer:  At Village Ob we know that doulas are a gift from heaven – a personal trainer for birth who helps you go further than you ever could on your own.  We suggest a doula is essential for moms who want unmedicated birth or vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean section) because both of these situations are extra tough.

4) Tell us something we don’t know.

We are certain that moms experience labor pain differently.  For some it is easy. For others it is intolerable.  Where you fall on this spectrum depends on a couple of factors including the size of your baby, the speed of your labor and the wiring of your nervous system. Some moms need an epidural and others don’t.  Be proud of yourself whatever happens.  You are amazing.

5) In your opinion what’s the most interesting research going on in your field right now?

The strict time frames for labor are being questioned by researchers.  Moms may actually have more time to labor without needing a cesarean section than the traditional timelines allow.

6) Why do you do what you do?

Babies are love; love is hope; we have the best job ever because hope and love make the world a better place.

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  1. I am a Doula in Los Angeles and had the extreme privilege of working with these two amazing doctors when my daughter in law gave birth last year. After several days of contractions we had the beautiful birth of my granddaughter with Dr. Worth’s patient support. She was encouraging and kind. These doctors don’t just talk the talk, they believe in the power of the body and trust the process, allowing each birthing mother to experience her journey the way nature intended it to be. Their recommendation to have a Doula present at the birth is what convinced my son & his wife to hire them, since I was going to be there as their Doula anyway. It showed a real team approach to the birth. Thank you Drs. Worth and Mussalli.

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