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Mommy Maven: The Secret to the One Wash Wonder

Rosie's hairWhen I first moved to America, New York specifically, I was amazed by how beautiful everyone’s hair looked.  I thought to myself, we English lassies clearly are not blessed with a culture of good hair because the New Yorkers were running around town in perfectly coiffed locks.

I’ll never forget one of my first encounters with a New Yorker was a lady on the subway who thought she was paying me a compliment when she said “I love that you don’t care the way your hair looks”.  Well, I don’t think I need to tell you I did not take this as a compliment!  I soon discovered that all this perfect hair was due to the ever-ready, easy to find, walk-in blow dry places around the city.  Something that, when I lived in England, would involve a trip down town, an appointment, an investment, now could be completed in a 30 minute hop into the local hair dressers, while still keeping up the day’s work, emailing, etc.

As much as I liked to fantasize that I’d found the solution to all hair woes and I would be dipping in and out of these salons on a daily basis to keep up the perfect coif, I soon discovered my budget wasn’t going to allow it.  So I developed the perfect way to handle being a mom with a busy schedule while still keeping my hair looking salon-tastic!

Now, before I tell you my weekly hair regime, let me say that I am certainly not blessed with either perfectly straight locks or delightfully curly ones.  Instead my hair, and I truly mean each individual strand, seems to have a mind of its own.  Some days one side thinks straight is fun while the other is adamant that curly is in, but most days just an overall sense of frizz seems to be the look of the day.  So if this works for me, it most certainly may work for you.

To begin, choose a day to spend a little time with your mane; Sunday is typically good for me.  On that day, wash it, brush it, add some product, throw some rollers in it and then blow dry it.  Quickly sweep those locks into a bun on the top of your head and fall into a sweet slumber (okay, let’s be realistic, probably not much of a slumber if your wee ones are still not sleeping through the night – in that case, whack on some extra anti-wrinkle cream to at least give the impression you had some sweet slumber).

The next morning, Monday, let those locks flow and sport the perfectly coiffed ‘down’ look….keep going with this for Tuesday and by Wednesday sweep the top part of that main back into a perfect 70’s-esque look.  Thursday comes the slicked-back pony tail, repeated on Friday, then Saturday the chignon and –voila! You’ve made it through one week with fabulous hair and only one wash!

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