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Sometimes you just need a medical opinion. Rosie has assembled a great team of MomPrep professionals to help with all the tricky bits.

Dr. Whitney Roban

Founder of SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ, Pediatric Sleep Specialist Dr. Whitney Roban lives and works by one philosophy: parenting is one of the hardest jobs, made impossible when a family doesn’t sleep.  Her mission is to give the gift of sleep to families through her information dissemination and emotional support based sleep training system.

With an M.A. in Psychology from New York University and Ph.D. in Clinical and School psychology from Hofstra University, Whitney began her career creating psychoeducational books and games for use in child psychotherapy for Childswork/Childsplay.  She then took her expertise to the Girl Scout Research Institute as an applied social researcher, where she authored national research studies in the youth market.

After taking time off from her professional life to be a mom, during which time she sleep trained her own children, Whitney formed SLEEP-EEZ KIDZ.  Dr. Roban is now devoting her time away from her two very well rested sons to help other parents and caregivers struggling with childhood sleep problems.  Throughout her years working as a child sleep consultant, Whitney has helped hundreds of children sleep soundly every night.

Paging Dr. Whitney Roban, Ph.D: Why Melatonin is NOT the Answer to Your Child's Sleep Problems

Almost every parent I know goes a *touch* crazy when their little ones aren't sleeping.  Repeated 5 AM wake-ups can make even the most reasonable person willing to try virtually anything to get a little  more shut-eye!  Some desperate parents have recently started turning to Melantonin as a possible solution.  But as Dr. Whitney Roban, Ph.D., of Sleep-Eez Kids, explains, that is one approach that is decidedly NOT OK.

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