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Knowledge leads to confidence, and confidence is key to being the best moms & dads we can be.  Take advantage of our core curriculum of classes offered at our Santa Monica and New York locations.


    • Special promo on #MommyIQ + my @BravoTV friends' books: @carolinemanzo @mrbradgoreski @tabathacoffey @KyleRichards18

  • Special promo on #MommyIQ + my @BravoTV friends' books: @carolinemanzo @mrbradgoreski @tabathacoffey @KyleRichards18
  • Such a great @NewYorkBabyShow @NewYorkFamily I think everyone increased their #MommyIQ !!!
  • Listeria is a serious risk during pregnancy. Do you know how to avoid it? Don't miss this new FDA report: #MommyIQ
  • U guys r going to do great xxx"@croe321: @RosiePope #mommyiq helping me cope with unexpected news today #notmyplan"
  • Does your dentist think pregnancy means no treatment? He or she is dangerously wrong: #MommyIQ
  • Good Morning Charlotte! Headed to @WCCBNewsRising for a segment in the 8am hour talking #mommyiq and baby shower toddler expo
  • This condition is just as common as post-partum depression - but you may not even realize it exists: #MommyIQ
  • Even mild iodine deficiency while pregnant can have a serious impact on baby - make sure ur getting enough: #MommyIQ
  • #MommyIQ , my complete guide to pregnancy, has great tips on navigating what you need #AVENTparents
  • #MommyIQ , my complete guide to pregnancy, has great tips on navigating what you need
  • Choosing a stroller can make even the best of us cry. I help you figure it out here: #MommyIQ
  • Talking to your baby (even if you feel a bit silly at first) is so vitally important: #MommyIQ
  • Thank u so much,made my day! RT @jessa_gh:I've finally found a preggers book that I'm not horrified+grossed out by!! #mommyIQ #queenvictoria
  • Reading Hungry Caterpillar for the 37,798th time may be tiresome but repetition is good for your little one: #MommyIQ
  • Is mommy guilt plaguing your life? #mommyIQ
  • Omega-3 fatty acid DHA supplements are so important during pregnancy-now found to impact birthweight+labor: #MommyIQ
  • Don't know why baby is crying? Great trick: open eyes = baby is scared/angry; closed eyes = pain. #MommyIQ
  • Can’t find fresh berries at your local market in the winter? Frozen berries are a great substitute especially in smoothies! #MommyIQ
  • Chatting #MommyIQ, maternity fashion and inspiration with @NewParentdotcom
  • Morning sickness is not just in the morning, symptoms can be felt throughout the day #MommyIQ
  • To avoid morning sickness, eat small meals regularly, even if you feel like you're not hungry #MommyIQ
  • Try to avoid eating in bed or right before bed (except on those fun movie nights!) #mommyIQ
  • Love snacking on chips? Bake chickpeas in the oven until crunchy for a healthy substitute. #MommyIQ
  • Fun in Tampa #motherofallshowers w/ lovely pregnant ladies...fab meeting u all+signing #mommyIQ bks