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Knowledge leads to confidence, and confidence is key to being the best moms & dads we can be.  Take advantage of our core curriculum of classes offered at our Santa Monica and New York locations.


Infant Care 101

Paging Rosie: Fertility 101

Here is a little refresher in Fertility 101 to help you decide if your troubles trying to conceive are normal - or if it's time to get help from a fertility specialist on your road to getting pregnant.

Trying To Conceive? Fertility 101 Will Help You Get Pregnant

Paging Dr. Grunebaum of BabyMed.Com: How, When & Why You Should be Having Sex to Get Pregnant

I have always been a bit perplexed by the best timing for sex  (to get pregnant, of course!).  With so much conflicting advice, I asked Dr. Grunebaum of to tell us the how, when & why you should time your sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Dr Grunebaum of  BabyMed

Paging Dr. Grunebaum of BabyMed.Com: How to Pick Your Baby's Sex

Want to know how to get pregnant with a boy or how to conceive a girl?  I've asked Dr. Amos Grunebaum of for advice on how to choose your baby's gender.

Dr Grunebaum of  BabyMed

Paging Rosie: Easter Chocolate - Tips for Moms-to-Be

<p>Pregnant and planning on indulging in Easter basket chocolate this weekend?  Trust me I like my fair share of chocolate so when I was pregnant I made sure to find out just how much was safe!  Here is the lowdown on the holiday favorite.</p>

Easter Chocolate

Paging Rosie: Decaf During Pregnancy

I love a decaf latte when I'm pregnant, but was concerned about how good decaf really is for a growing baby.  What I found though was quite alarming. Let me summarize what I've discovered so that if you do choose to indulge you can find out what is safe and what is not.</p>