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Knowledge leads to confidence, and confidence is key to being the best moms & dads we can be.  Take advantage of our core curriculum of classes offered at our Santa Monica and New York locations.


Infant Care 101

Paging Rosie: Decaf During Pregnancy

I love a decaf latte when I'm pregnant, but was concerned about how good decaf really is for a growing baby.  What I found though was quite alarming. Let me summarize what I've discovered so that if you do choose to indulge you can find out what is safe and what is not.</p>


Paging Rosie: The Polarizing Nature of Pregnancy & Childbirth

I’m having a hard time formulating what I am trying to say on this topic, as I certainly don’t wish to offend anyone (which I suppose kind of proves the ultimate point I’m trying to make).  Let me also say before I launch into this that I support all childbirth choices that end up with a healthy mom and baby, and that these choices can be different for everyone.