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Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy

by Rosie Pope

with foreword by Dr. Amos Grunebaum

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 Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy

Today’s savvy expectant moms crave an all-encompassing plan to guide them through the highs and lows of becoming parents.  Mommy IQ does just that – chapter by chapter, and month by month, Rosie helps women raise their own “Mommy IQ” by telling them what’s going on with the baby, their bodies, and their partners.  Tackling everything that might weigh on a new mom’s mind – from fear-inducing prenatal testing and ultrasounds, to choosing the baby gear you actually need, to creating your birth plan – Rosie guides new parents with her trademark humor and been-there insights, with plenty of medical facts and advice from renowned experts and doctors to back it all up.  Through practical checklists, sidebars, and her own personal stories, Rosie shares the tips, tricks, and secrets to ease women from the first nerve-racking checkup through the first sleepless weeks with a new baby. The ultimate must-have for any new mom and mom-to-be,  Mommy IQ will give women the confidence they need to stay healthy, keep relationships strong, and even laugh a little when the going gets tough.